How Mant Mini's is to Many?

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Oct 4, 2012
Bend Oregon
Don't tell the wife, Mini number 3 is on its way! I really need to stay off Craigslist! Smokey Joe silver again, $ 5.00, no extras, used once. Once again the biggest challenge is going to be scrounging up the pot. My local source isn't carrying the tamale steamers anymore!
My CL never has anything.   

So how many IS too many.
Same price I paid for my first smokey joe, except it came with wood chips, small bag of charcoal and the chimney!
There's a silver 2 hours away for 10 bucks.   Too far of a drive thou.
Hehe, I wouldn't say that 3 is too many either!

I'm on the hunt for a Jumbo Joe...I want to make a larger mini.
From the title of the post I figgered you are single.

From the text, I see you need not worry.  You will be told when you have too many!

The only antidote that I am aware of is to count the shoes in her closet?

Good luck and good smoking.
Mini's must be bigger than i thought.  
      Is there room for a sleeping bag in there?    LOL.... If you're gonna do one than build a Jimmy!   
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