Spoiling Friends: Epic 4-Course Picanha Feast (Mega Long)

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Another epi post of a epic cook! Glad I had a glass of tea and a snack on hand....Or I'd been licking the screen before I finished. And that would have called for yet another trip to HR (that I'd blame on you!).
Thank you for the kind words Jim, but you gotta stay away from HR...and don't be blaming that on me :emoji_laughing: You being on an intimate first-name basis with the HR manager may not be such a great idea buddy :emoji_wink:

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Now that will put a smile on some guest faces! Phenomenal meal Robert!
Thanks very much Brian. Yes my friend, there were some smiling and happy folks sitting at the table for this one.
Hope you had a chance to get into the pool
Yes, I did manage to get in a few minutes of pool time between appetizers and wrapping up the meal to start serving. Was a nice respite after 2 days of cooking.

Outstanding my friend! I have not made a key lime pie this summer yet....now I'm craving one! Great job on that cook!
I very much appreciate the kind words Keith. That pie is the perfect finale for a dinner like this, especially given the heat factor. As incredible as the pie is, it's very simple to make. There are only 4 ingredients in it.

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Robert, that is simply outstanding work, homestyle gourmet dining!
Thank you my friend. Some very high praise, especially taking into account your top shelf level of cooking. I'm honored.
And I'm gonna definitely steal the fruit shishkabobs for sure.
I knew somebody would be stealing those :emoji_wink: The cool thing is that there's a lot more on those skewers than just fruit. Made for a really nice combination of goodies.

Damn you nailed the Texas Two Step for sure!!! Beautiful job. Spoiled them good and proper no doubt.
Wow...thanks very much for the accolades, but I'm not much of a dancer...Two Step or otherwise :emoji_laughing: Interestingly enough, I'm still getting text messages and emails from our friends singing the praises for this meal. I guess you're correct in your assessment.

Spectacular Robert! Each course etc is outstanding. Hmm... BTB after a dry brine. Never would have thought about that one. Definitely can see why you say lightly though. Was the BTB by itself micro'd or did you add some water. Having lived in Brazil for two years, Picanha is very near and dear to the taste buds and yours is over the top. Great post my friend, was so busy reading that the popcorn got cold!
As always Robert, everything looks fantastic I am sure your guest were more than happy with the outcome!

WOW! That is a labor of love right there! Outstanding job on the entire meal and its super cool to see that smoker in action!
Now that is one truly EPIC meal Robert. From start to finish you can tell by the pics that it was a labor of love.

Point for sure

Damn, now he's got me saying it. :emoji_astonished:
You pulled out all the stops on this meal Robert! It’s hard to say but this may be your best yet, everything looks sublime. I also love the kebab idea too.
Man that is a crazy good spread!!
Thanks my friend. Nothing close to what you consistently turn out but it was a nice meal.
Glad you like th dressing and hearts of palm salad. I think I did that originally with a Brazilian themed meal
Oh yes we love it!! Not sure when you posted it the first time but the first time I stole it was for the Brazilian feast I did about 3 years ago.

Awww Robert you know how to put on very nice spread.
Thank you sir. Very much appreciate it.
Love the consume and the potato balls
are always a hit with what ever you stuff inside.
The consomme is a bit of a pain to make but man oh man is it ever good!! So deep, rich, and complex. A super good soup and a top notch appetizer for a beef themed meal.
And when you said someone was missing from the pool I thought you meant Bianca, lol
Nah, just lil' ol' me missing from the pool. Bianca isn't a fan of the pool. Weirdly though, if we take her to the park she loves playing in the lake. Go figger....

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Wow my friend, talk bout a Grand Slam! You nailed that all the way around… very well done! BTW, I am still adoptable and mostly housebroken! 😉
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