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How do I make it????


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I'm new to smoking meats. My husband brought home a 13 pound pork loin whole. I have a Traeger and I am clueless haha. This pork loin is a new adventure. I would appreciate any guidance on how to prep and smoke this meat.
Thanks in advance!


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Butterfly it open and put in some cheese and tomatoes, and a little Italian season. Fold it back over wrap it in a bacon weave. Throw it in the smoker cooking at 225 until it's done. Loins don't take too long to cook. The bacon will add a bit of fat to the party. The last one I did I put a bit of Italian dressing in it. Turned out pretty good.


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Welcome to the forum!  That loin is lean and will be dry if over cooked.  Smoke it to 145 with your favorite pork seasonings and let it rest 30 minutes before slicing.  Going over that temp will be unfortunate.  Show us your results!  



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I agree with Mike on this one. Ask 100 people here on SMF and you'll most likely get 95 different ideas as to how to make a pork loin, but only one answer as to temp. Do not over cook it. Personally, I would rub it leaving the fat cap on, with a good rib rub or pork rub of your choosing-- many to choose from on here with a little research-- throw it on at around 225 cap up and run it till it's IT 145. Rest for 30-45 minutes, and enjoy.

Another option is to cut a portion off and cure using Bears easy step by steps, and make some Canadian bacon out of it. That's what I've got planned with my next loin.

That's just my $.02. But take it for what ya paid for it.

I'm sure your in for some good vittles regardless of your decision. Good luck, and keep us up to date with pictures once ya decide.

Mark. :grilling_smilie:


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As said above the biggest problem with loins is overcooking.

I pull mine at 138-140 & rest them on the counter with a foil cover for 30 minutes.

The carryover cooking will bring them up to 145.

No need to get fancy, just some pork rub & your ready to go.


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