Hope to Smoke Soon

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Jul 16, 2006
Northern NY (Adirondacks)
Howdy Folks,

It's been a while (Mid-December) since I've fired up the GOSM. We have gotten a bit of snow and cold. -32F one day last week. The recent snow had to be dealt with. Here is a pic after the first round of snow moving. after that pic was taken I then was out on the roofs clearing them.


I'm hopng that tomorrow I can do GYPC's Italian Beef, as I have company. There is so much snow piled up around the back patio that I have a natural windbreak. Will post more pics then.

Today I'm cooking inside. (Boneless Buffalo Chicken Tenders and Mac and Cheese)

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Good to hear from you Meowey. Bet the cats don't like that snow

Let us know how your smoke goes, those sandwiches are awesome.
Looks like you have plenty of snow

We are above normal around here but not up to your snowfall levels, but we do not have a lake effect either. Come to think of it we don't have much of a lake either.

Bet you are anxious to get the smoker in operation and do the "vaporized blue bourbon trick" again.

Got any Bourbon left by now?
I've got some Jack and some Wild Turkey . The Wild Turkey is for my personal comsunption.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Heading to Mobile, AL in the morning for a week of golf!

supposed to be in the 65*-70* range there next week.
Just trying to make you envious. For shame on me!!
It's working! I would give up a body part to be named later to get in a round of golf.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Meowey, you should have been out there smoking in order to get us a report on how the GOSM performs at at -32°. We need info like that here.

Seriously, I hope you thaw out soon. This, like all things, will pass my friend. Miss your posts.
meowey -

You guys alway get hit bad up there. It think upstate NY has the snow record every year in the US doesn't it? Hope you get to smoke soon I feel your pain!

We don't have the 10 feet of lake effect snow that hit Oswego, but it's usually cold enough here that the snow piles up and does not melt quickly. This latest batch was from that big storm that clobbered the whole northeast. Will post pics tomorrow of the smoker sitting beside the pile of snow in the back yard.

I send best wishes out to srmonty. I'll bet he's been out plowing snow.

Thanks all!

Take care, have fun, and do good!



I hate to disapoint you but that tree is still standing tall and waiting for spring.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


I'm intimately familar with that lake effect snow. Went to a Valentines Day wedding in Buffallow about 5 or 6 years back and had to use a stick to find my car the next morning. Flurries? NOT!
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