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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by graystratcat, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. Hey Y'all...new to the forum but been smokin' for many a year....

    I've been grinding, stuffing and smoking kielbasa for quite a while now using my Brinkman SnP but just picked up a Master Forge from Lowes.  I've done all the recommended mods to the Master Forge and it's produced some really decent ribs and butts so far, although I'm still tweeking it and getting used to it since it's far different than the SnP.  It's also my first LP smoker.

    Anyhow... to the point... I want to try smoking my next batch of kielbasa in the Master Forge as well as some andouille (Nola recipe) and was wondering if anyone else out there has done sausage in the Master Forge?  Curious about what temps they run, water in the water pan or no, do you ramp the temp or start and hold, approx smoke time at a given smoker temp to get to an IT of 150...any info would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance (and Mods, if this post belongs in the LP Smoker section, apologies in advance and please feel free to move my post)


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    I have made sausage in my Smoke Vault gasser and it's doable, but it take some babysitting to keep the temps low without the flame blowing out. I finally just bought an electric for making sausage.
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    I think it should be good here. If you can post some pics of the sausage dont in your LP Smoker. If one of the other mods moves it to the propane smoker section its still good.
  4. Thanks Nepas.  I'll post some pix soon.  Have the butts sitting in the fridge and hope to grind them in the next couple days.

    - Salt
  5. Well thanks for the invite alelover.  Just joined the group...Us Tar Heels have to stick together! 

    Love the tagline of the group too!

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    I use an older GOSM that the gas line messed up on and I use a single hot plate for low temp smoking.I can get smoke at about 70° and it will run all night.
  7. Well nepas, you asked for some pictures, so here ya go.  Just got done grinding and stuffing.  Everything is in the garage fridge right now air drying.  Everything goes in the smoker tomorrow AM.  I'll post more pix after the smoke.

    Half of the grind.  I like a course grind on my sausage.  Also beats hand dicing as mentioned in the Nola recipe for Andouille


    Andouille spices going in


    First stick of Andouille coming off the stuffer.


    Platter of Anouille ready for the fridge until tomorrow where it will join its brother - Mr. Kielbasa


    Safe and sound for the night - air drying... I'll see you (and some of the contents of the boxes holding you up) tomorrow!

  8. johnnie walker

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    Nice looking sausages. Mmm, Mmm.
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    Awesome looking Andouillie sandwich there Cat.................. I notice a lot of air in the sausage ... try to pack smaller amounts in the stuffer and press in with the back of your hand to get the air pockets out of the meat........

    Sausage looks great...............[​IMG]

  10. like  joe says it's best not to get air pockets, but you can always poke them with a sausage pricker, or just a pin if you get them
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    Looking good!!

  12. Thanks guys!  I kind of dig my 'sandwich' too!  LOL[​IMG]

    And as to the air pockets, yeah I agree had way too many in this batch.  I was using casings from a different butcher this batch - not making excuses - but the casing were, well, not the best in the world.  Not very uniform and didn't come off the stuffer tube like normal.  I do appreciate the feedback though!

    All the sausage is in the smoker now.  Was just getting ready to post a few more pix.

    - Salt
  13. Well, all the Kielbasa and Andouille are in the smoker...so.... thought I'd post a few more pix

    Staged and ready for ignition....


    Lined up and ready to go.  The small foil wraps on the smoker sticks are to let me know which are kielbasa and which are Andouille after the smoke


    I usually run 2 or 3 digital probes in addition to the analog one on the door.  For this batch I'm running one probe in the sausage and one to monitor chamber temp.  I use a wine cork (a real cork cork, not a plastic one) with a hole drilled in it to accept the probe.  I whittle the other end into a blunt point to jam it into either a cooking grate or what ever.  This shot shows the chamber probe with the cork jammed into one of the rack supports.  I drilled 2 holes in the side of my smoker to fish the probes through.

  14. I forgot to mention I love your  creative drying rack in the fridge, and that will go well with the sausage when the time comes [​IMG]
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    anouther name for your sausages BEER Sausage??LOL looks great
  16. Thanks Big Casino!  A man has to improvise some times!  LOL.... and oh yeah, an ice cold chilly is going to go great with those sausages and fired potatoes tonight!  Heck, an cold one is going to go great BEFORE the smoke is done!!!!

    driedstick, I think all sausages can be called beer sausages... they all go great together!
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  18. Wanted to post the final pix from this smoke.  The total smoke time took me an hour longer than planned but hey, that's smokin'... it's about the temp and taste... not the time!

    After 6 1/2 hours with hickory and pecan.



    After a cold water shower...


    Definitely had to taste some before the rest goes into vacuum seal bags...


    Not a bad reward after all those long hard hours tending the smoker!  LOL

  19. looks  good specially in the pan ready to eat!

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