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Home made “coppa”


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My first coppa is here.
Started off with pork neck 1050g.
Cured covered in salt for 72 hours.

After that 1 hour submerged in cold water. Followed by 1 hour in apple cider vinegar. Patted dry and rubbed with spice mix.
2Tbs Ground chili, 2Tbs garlic Powder, 2Tbs Midlle eastern meat spices mix.

Tightly wrapped in cheese cloth and twine. Hanged in my refrigerator for 1 month. Weight before opening 821g.

Tasted great. More like pastrima due to spice mix. Was eaten by us in 4-5 days. Was so good we decided to make it again. This time from beef. It’s already curing.

Constructive criticisms is always welcome.

JC in GB

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Is the dark ring from penetration of the spice mix? I have only had commercial coppa that looks like it would make a great sandwich meat.

JC in GB

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I have always wanted to try a cured duck breast. No one I know has heard of them. I love Wisconsin but it is pretty much a BBQ dead zone. Some pockets of good pitmasters here and there but hard to get a BBQ conversation going on your own block usually.


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I am not an expert but I would say dark ring indicates an area where meat is more dry.

I currently drying cured duck breasts and noticing similar processes.
Hard rim indeed due to fridge low humidity. Tray pulling a casing over it next time...it slows the drying a bit.

For duck breasts you can double up so only the skin is exposed to air. Need to make sure there are no air pockets between the two pieces.

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