hog casings

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I just threw out casing never used from year before last and ordered new last week. I always try to keep, 46+MM for andouille, 28MM for sausage, and small sheep for breakfast links and snack sticks. I tryed looking for pre-loaded at that other sausage making place and didn't see 'em. I so want to try pre-loaded and some cellouse just so I have some experience. All I have ever done is natural hog and beef.

Its not cool enough yet to even throw a cure bucket in the reefer, but its getting closer!

Casings to me always stink anyway, so when I have a doubt about their "freshness" its time to replace 'em, I have before had 20 lbs of sausage and no casing to use. You only have to wait for delivery once.
I've been using "pre-loaded" from Syracuse and the quality and consistency is great, but there's way more on the sleeve than will fit on the horn. I sometimes end up just sliding it off the sleeve onto the horn. It's still easier than untangling a knot of casing, I guess..
Coating the leftover with plain table salt and putting it back into the container, still on the sleeve, works fine.
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