Hawaiian bbq, any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by matt22556, Aug 11, 2013.

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    Fellow brothers and sisters, my daughters 17th birthday is coming soon and we are planing a tiki party for her. My problem is, she want Hawaiian style pork. After reading about every recipe I can find, I need some help. So many recipes call for liquid smoke, something I don't do. What wood would everyone suggest, rubs, well a basic step by step. I have a Vermont Castings gas grill, and MES 30".

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  2. [​IMG]  Liquid smoke has it's place.

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    Really? No thanks! Can't do it.
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    I'm not a liquid smoke guy either. But I suppose if you actually can't smoke your meat for what ever reason it's probably better than nothing.
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    I lived in Hawaii for three years.I think she might be referring to Chinese- Japanese style ribs. Look at these recipes. Any one should do.






    If I remember correctly, Hawaiian bbq is a little sweeter. I also remember, wood is difficult to find over there, but I would choose Apple wood for smoke if you have access to it. Serve it with a little pineapple for an even sweeter taste.
  7. My true Hawaiian is pork loco moco. Two scoops of rice , pulled pork topped with two eggs. A little pork juices or gravy over top. This is what I had at a spot in Waikiki call You Hungry. We have it a good bit at home. Some time we do regular loco moco like we got at L and L drive in. Hamburger steak gravy eggs over rice. You can't beat it.
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    Most excellent!!!! I will post qview.
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    Don't forget it's "sticky rice", usually served in Dixie cup with chopsticks. Man, I miss that stuff.

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