Hardcore Carnivore Black Results

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Oct 7, 2012
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HEB prime brisket yesterday on my Smokefire EX6. Rubbed down with Hard Core Carnivore Black. Smoked with B&B Competition pellets for 7 hours till point was at 170 and flat at 160. Wrapped in butcher paper, cranked the Weber up to 325 and cooked until point was at 205 and flat at 199. Probe had no resistance so the brisket was wrapped in towels, and since our meal wasn't for another 3 hours, put in an Igloo to keep warm.
I'm a Bolner's Brisket Rub user for years and always had excellent results, but the HCC Black really performed well with no excess saltiness. Plenty of meat drippings for serving later.
I used my 7' offset to do 3 briskets several days before using mesquite splits. Comparing the two cooks the Smokefire brisket had the same amount of bark and appearance as the ones off the offset smoker. Flavor profile was different of course, but the Smokefire produced a flavorful smoke flavor with a nice smoke ring.


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