wet cure

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    Greetings fellas!

    Hello, not new to burning meats but i would definitely like to continue to step my game up. Currently i have a jerky project going on it i could get some direction on.... Very new to curing meats would like some experienced advice to my wet cure and time i can let it stay in the fridge before...
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    Prague Powder quantity in Wet Brine for Cold Smoked Salmon

    Hey all, I'm doing my first wet-brined salmon which I'll cold-smoke afterwards. I've dry brined but never wet. I'm having a hard time figuring out the right way to measure quantities for the brine, especially the Prague Powder. What quantities and rules of thumb do you use?
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    First Pork Leg cured ham

    Hi, New at this forum, but spend some time researching here about an issue I am having. I tried to make sure Ham (To use it cold in sandwiches, if it makes a difference) The method I used is: 1 kg pork leg (Whole top muscle) 4.5 liter water 225 gr salt 225 gr sugar 1 tsp pink curing salt some...