Grafting garden veggies

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by daveomak, May 30, 2013.

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    Thanks Dave.....some of the folks around here have been talking about what to do with the "suckers" you pinch off the 'mater plants....something to think about!

    Nice read!

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    That is COOL!  I am not going to do that right now....but still great info and how to's!

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    Since you are from the south you will appreciate this.....   Graft tomatoes to Kudzu. You only have to plant one plant then and it will grow no mater what the weather is.

    For our northern brethren, Kudzu is a very very fast growing an vigorous plant that will take over anything.  Fall asleep in a chair too close to the kudzu and it will claim you before you finish your nap!

    This poor fellow stopped to toss out his trash.  He was only out of the car a few moments!

  6. I was not driving.[​IMG]. you can't blame that on me[​IMG]

  7. The kudzu removed a back tire too!
  8. chef jimmyj

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    I thought the CAR was a Kudzu!...[​IMG]...JJ
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    Interesting article... the Kudzu idea is funny ,Dward...
  10. kathrynn

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    OMG!!!!!!   [​IMG]

    Kudzu is a terror here!  It will grow anywhere....and Dave is will come and take you with it!

  11. michael ark

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    Seen were a kid found out you can inject helium into the ground and it will kill kudzu.
  12. Dward51....LMBO....You are a Scream.....I don't care, that there is funny.....glad Kudzu is a southern plant disease,, we don't need it here in da north...

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    Stuck a Kudzo sucker in an empty beer can to sprout, and look what it grew!
  14. I know it is an old post but I read the Info that Dave posted abou grafted tomato plants. I showed it to my wife and she sent in an order. We should get them in the middle of April. I will post a photo of our small garden when planted and in July.

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