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Dec 10, 2023
I’ve gotten a lot of information from this site over the last several years for smoking. I built a 16”x 36” offset about 15 years ago before I knew of the calculator and made some adjustments along the way. Still I should’ve went with a bigger dia. but that came available.
Buckboard bacon is the biggest hit here at home.

I just started grinding bulk sausage with an old Wards grinder and used Pop’s season as a base mix for breakfast and added fennel, red pepper flakes and garlic for Italian. Family loved it.

Thinking of adding a small cold smoke house now.
Awesome! Welcome aboard! Make sure to document your build here if you go the cold smoke house route! Im sure many of us would like to check it out!
document your build
If I ever get to it will be pretty basic. I’ve got a 3’ dia. fire pit out back and I’m thinking of just building one over it along the lines of tnsmokers plan and burning in it like Dad said they did. I REALLY like the old country ham flavor. Can’t get that here in Pottsylvania. Buckboard bacon is pretty close.
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