Good day at the "meat store" custom brisket point cut

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Dec 17, 2019
Ft Lauderdale.
I often bitch about the lack of real butcher shops down here in S Florida. Today I went perusing in the one large grocery store with a meat section, looking to see if they had any pre-cut brisket points. This store caters to the Caribbean and Latin clientele so needless to say very few employees speak English. There's one meat cutter in there I've struck up a friendship with that who can sort of speak English. I asked when they cut brisket to have a point in the regular meat section. I explained the best I could that I have no desire to buy a $100 packer to just get the point. He went over to the large meat section and pulled out the largest packer they had. He separated the point, then carefully trimmed all the hard fat off before he weighed it. I ended up with good 4lb chunk of point and he got a $5 tip. Somebodies gonna have a bitchin batch of burnt ends on the WSM this weekend. $7.99/lb, out for $30 plus tip.

Nice lookin' hunk of beef . You talking about and buying that 18 " WSM made me take the cover off my 14 . Gonna get it fired up here soon to burn it out , then get a cook going .
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