Getting Ready to Start Drying Meat

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Sep 19, 2013
Western New York
I have run out of room in my project kitchen and a Fridge as a curing chamber was not doable. So I built my own in the space I have.

I started with the Concept

when I was satisfied it would work I started construction

In a few weeks I will be ready to fill it up

Bresaola, Coppa and Canadian Bacon and Bacon in Pops Brine

Lonzino, Panchetta and Andouille Meat

We'll see how it works over the next couple of months
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Very nice curing chamber man! 
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could we get some details on the components in your curing cabinet?
Hi Dr. Theo,

My components are a STC1000 PID.   The cooling side will be wired to a Peltier Effect Thermoelectric Cooler 12V. The Heat side is wired to a 100Watt Ceramic Heat Emitter 110AC.  If you look at the single gang plug inside the chamber it has been split by removing the tab on the load side of the plug.  One plug runs the heat emitter the other is for a Humidifier.  Looking inside the control box you can see a 3 inch PVC 90 degree bend.  that is attached to a 120mm 12volt three speed fan.  I used a 4 inch hole cutter to put the PVC Bend  through the curing chamber box.  Fits perfect.  I also used 4 inch Sofffit Vents from Home Depot you can see it inside the chamber.  That fan will be hooked to a Single Pole Dual Throw switch.  one side will activate the 12 volt PSU (that runs the fan) and the other side will activate a humidifier in the chamber.  the humidity is controlled by a Wh8040 Hygrostat.  Here in the north east my basement stays fairly cool.  so on my chamber I just installed 1/8 inch FRP on the back of the chamber and keep it tight to the basement wall.  So far so good. I made the frame of the chamber from #2 2x4 studs I am going to linseed oil them and I ain't going to remove the stamp on them. Kind of a uppity redneck thing I think the stamp makes it look cool

Here is a parts list of what I had to buy on Ebay and Amazon

3 Pin SPDT on-off-on Snap In Mini Boat Rocker Switch 250V/15A 125V/20A AC

Elitech 110V All-Purpose Temperature Controller+ Sensor 2 Relay Output Thermostat Stc-1000

Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter 100 Watts

IMAGE[emoji]174[/emoji] 110V Digital Air Humidity Control Controller WH8040 Range 1%~99% RH HM-40 Type

Thermoelectric Peltier Refrigeration Cooling System Kit Cooler

Amico 2 Pcs 8 Position Double Row Screw Terminal Covered Barrier Strip 600V 25A

Sierra International FS40680 Marine Terminal Block with 2 Bus Bar
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