Finally made a board

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Jul 3, 2021
A friends nephew had a b-day and we were all meeting at a local brewery so I finally had enough cured/dried meats to put something together. I am as far from creative as can be, so making things look "pretty" or organized is not in my skill set. I just sliced up a bunch of stuff and cheese slapped it on the board and off we went. Very tasty and was a hit. Learned a few things along the way with tastes and flavor combos. You can't bring your own drinks to the breweries, but since most don't serve food they have no issue with bring chow along.

So.. in the bowl olives, strawberries, dried mission figs, dates and blackberries.

On the board, top left moving clockwise: my umai spicy coppa, bresaola that I just finished a few weeks ago (that stuff is killer), Cotswald pub cheese, hot Calabrian style pork tenderloin, very sharp white cheddar, Spanish lomo style pork tenderloin then the umai lonzino. Dead center is an espresso bellavitano cheese the cheese lady at the local Kroger sold me on. This went well with the english pub ale I was drinking.


Thanks for looking!
Looks Great, nothing wrong with the look of that. I would grab that and run for sure :emoji_laughing: :emoji_blush: :emoji_thumbsup:

Thanks David!

That looks fantastic.
I was a little nervous but it all worked out. I'm seriously jonesing for that duck breast to be done.

That looks awesome!! Making some of those cured meats is on my winter to do list.
Get to it!... but it might cut into your fermenting / sauce factory production :emoji_laughing:

Looks pretty darn good from my seat.
Thank you!

Nice work. Looks delicious
Thank you!

Looks very, very, good!
Thank you!
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Really nice . The board and the fact that you homemade some of the meats .
Looks fantastic from over here. Nicely done.

Point for sure
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