G'day from Australia

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Nov 30, 2022
First post, long time lurker. Love the advice and recipes etc on here.

Last year I used pops brine to try Lamb ham, in an effort to do something different at Xmas. It wasn't as much of a showstopper as I expected, so this year I'm back to 2x 2Kg boneless pork leg using a pre-made maple cure.

Look forward to smoking these next Saturday.



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Dec 31, 2020
Great Northwest
Morning! At least here in NA.
Lamb ham eh? Creative for sure, maybe go jerky style with it?
Any who welcome and enjoy the smoke next week and post back with big smiles!
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Jan 18, 2020
Western Colorado
I love lamb, grew up raising and hand butchering them. Really can’t get enough of lamb. Every time I have cured lamb, the game taste became very pronounced from otherwise very mild young lamb. I’d rather smoke it, but sure love the idea of curing it.
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