Greetings from South Dakota

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May 8, 2020
Long time lurker, finally decided to join the forums! You guys finally got your meat hooks in me. :emoji_wink: I have grilled on a Holland grill for the better part of 15yrs. A few years ago, a neighbor gave me a used MES 40 in exchange for storing his motorcycle in my shop for the winter. Little did he know what he did to me.:emoji_joy:
My first cook was a full brisket. (Nothing like jumping in with both feet) The Mrs. and I use our smoker multiple times a week. We ask our selves when planning meals “Can we smoke it?” We have literally smoked everything from soup to nuts. With that has come many successes and multiple failures. I have dabbled in the competition world, and have placed in the money. Nothing special, but I’ve enjoyed it.
My current fascination is curing. I’ve been making my own bacon for over a year now using a dry cure similar to Bear’s. Last week I bought a 1/2 hog, and much to the Mrs. horror/amazement, I have been cutting it up in our kitchen. I plan to cure and smoke the hams, bellies, (using Pops brine) and make some sausage.
Thanks for letting me join the club!

MES 30
MES 40
Holland Grill.

I’ll provide some Q view as well. Pork Butt, Beef tenderloin, Leg of Lamb, and some Bacon

3E28D7F0-BE95-4121-8657-215248ED0187.jpeg D1DF9C79-A80C-4E7C-845E-FE7E3664B345.jpeg B96DE2C2-63E7-43A4-A4F1-9CB780D50505.jpeg 417C8450-4B7E-41C6-8968-3BDE8B6418D3.jpeg
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Welcome aboard, nice job on those meats

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