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Oct 18, 2017
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A little while back I picked up a few really nice ribeys!.. At Wal-Mart of all places!.. I posted a thread about how nice they were and how suprised I was to find them in a supermarket. A few had stated that they expected to see a sandwich made with one of it!

A little background on why I made this sandwich the way I did. I saw something on you tube the other day about French onion soup.. I'm not a big soup guy but I do love me some French onion soup...then I thought why dont I make a French onion soup burger???? But then....i have these wonderful ribeye Then I go to work!...

First off I needed a good bread.. Something to hold up to all the juicy steak and onions.. I chose a ciabatta loaf...yes a loaf. Not a roll...a loaf. For those that have seen my past sandwich cooks you know why 😉.

So... The loaf. I used half a loaf, split and then toasted.

Next up the onions...then I decided I needed to use up some shrooms I had so I used those too.. Not needed but hey why not?

All cooked down... I did add a little butter and oil.... Worchestershire and soy sauce.

The steak was just a bit over 1lb..seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning and then it went on the kettle and cooked to about 130°.... Pulled off and let it rest before slicing

Time to build..
Started with a little aged provalone on the bottom.

Next up. Pile on all the steak!

Then pile on the onions and a huge mound of Gruyere cheese and the top half of the ciabatta loaf.
At this point I set it down in a pan. Added a splash if water and put a lid on to steam. Best way to melt cheese in my opinion.

Once the cheese melted it was time to eat!!
Cut in half I could hardly hold it in one hand!!! Lol!!

Man was this thing good! I ate half and was stuffed!
Thanks for taking a look!!
You never disappoint! Another awesome sandwich! Always look forward to them!

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