Wit or Witoutski Kielbasa cheese steak .

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Looks great Rich, growing up kielbasa loaf was pretty popular around here, haven't had it in a long time, actually forgot about it until your post now I have to make some.
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Holy cow that does look most excellent Rich. I'm not even a sausage maker and my gears are already grinding with what that could be used for. I wonder if you used a coffee can or an juice can for the mold and then transformed them into SUPER SIZED PORK SHOTS.

Man think of the potential.

Point for sure
Looks fantastic, Rich. I'd be all over either meal.
Thanks Doug .
Right about here I was thinking " Crack 2 eggs in there "
Triple D is going to be the death of me.
I get it on a streaming service . I get the episode info and go take a look .
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Wow, those meals look fantastic, Rich! Great post. I have to ask, how can I get a coffee cup like that?
Thanks Colin . I got the cup in a prize package from a throwdown .
Colin1230 Colin1230 Made by BGKYSmoker BGKYSmoker . One of my Favorites !
That right there Rich is a fantastic idea. And love both meals.
Also love the classic fast food plating , And another great reason for a flattop
Thanks David .
I got the baskets at Home Depot . 200 sheets of the paper on Amazon for 10 bucks or so .
Way cheaper than paper plates for meals like this .
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Looks great Rich, growing up kielbasa loaf was pretty popular around here, haven't had it in a long time, actually forgot about it until your post now I have to make some.
Thanks Jim . That's cool . We have a couple great Polish shops around here . Used to buy the Piekutowski's Krakow and Kielbasa . This stuff smelled just like there's .
That cheesesteak looks good but OMG that bfast sandwich!!!
Maybe you'd like a 2 egg , sausage , bacon and cheese on a Masa waffle bun ?
Holy cow that does look most excellent
Thanks Chris .
Now there's an idea . I just bought some 1 1/2 casings for pepperoni . I was thinking about stuff some of this with them .
Rich that is straight food art!! It's already on my list of to do's. Will make a great food item for a friend's and family gathering. If I had the magic spinner wand I'd wave it on this for sure.
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I saw this on an episode of Triple D and knew I had to try it .
Place was in Philly . Called Gaul & Company Malt house .
Kielbasa loaf that gets sliced and cooked on a flattop like a cheese steak .

Just happened to be a sausage making day , and I was talking with Jeff about the Dutch loaf he made . Got me thinking it would be a good time to do this sandwich .
I used the Hot smoked Polish from Marianski .
Called for 1 clove of chopped garlic . I used 4 .
Also added some potato starch .

Used a loaf pan , but I make a sling so I can lift the loaf out after it sets . This was good enough , I took it out and smoked it without the pan .
I start on a piece of foil , then pull that out later in the smoke .
After sitting in the fridge overnight .
View attachment 683420
This is how it went into the smoker .
View attachment 683421
Used B&B pellets , and some 100% cherry pellets for color .
Started at 110 to dry .
Steps to 120 and start smoke .
Steps to 140
steps to 165 for the ride .
Took about 9 1/2 hours to hit 150 .
Out and cooling .
View attachment 683422
Fridge overnight .
Couple slices in the morning . The smell is amazing .
View attachment 683423
2 eggs , Kielbasa and cheese sandwich for breakfast .
View attachment 683424
OK , Lunchtime . Sliced a half pound .
It was a half pound before I took a slice or 2 .
View attachment 683425

Cut up some onion , and took it out to the Blackstone . Started out stacked
up .
View attachment 683426
Flipped it over and chopped it up .
View attachment 683427
Then mixed with the onions . You can see the edges of the meat are crisp .
View attachment 683428
Hollow out some bread , and add some store bought cheese .
View attachment 683429
Good Lord . Seriously good . Not because I made it , because it's seriously
good . Insane flavor of the loaf cooked like this . I may never stuff Kielbasa again .
View attachment 683430
The possibilities are endless with this . You could season up any profile of
loaf you want . Then cook as a cheese steak . I think the next one will be
sweet Italian with peppers and onions .

Thanks for lookin'
View attachment 683431
Man that looks good!!
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Dang, I gotta stop reading this stuff before dinner. That looks so good. Whatever I fix for dinner is gonna leave my mouth watering for what I see on here. This is a prime example.
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