For the love of god make it stop

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Aug 9, 2020
I got a good bit of bacon on clearance maybe 6 weeks ago. Making my own had spoiled me but these were 1.5 lb packs for 6.99 and they all had a 'must go today' extra coupon on them for either a buck or a buck.50 off.

Scored 6 dozen eggs at a place called KJ's market (it's an IGA) Saturday for 2.99 dz. They had big 20lb cases of leg quarters for 10$ and some pork chops for a buck a LB. I kid you not. I don't like chicken but if you are near to one - check it out.

Going back either this evening or tomorrow for more eggs. I'd been rationing eggs to myself (I like 4 at a time - have been known to do 6 if that's all I'm eating) so I am enjoying this little, ahem - bounty.

Had you told me a year ago that I'd be happy paying 3$ a dozen for dam eggs I'd have had you committed.

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Aug 5, 2018
I dont know how some people do it! We bargain shop as much as possible, grab the deals on chicken and whatnot when they come around. There is an amish cheesehouse fairly close to us that we hit when we can that has decent prices! We are fortunate to put several deer in the freezers every year which does help out on meat cost(plus the health and tastiness benefits). We have been buying eggs locally from a few individuals@ $2-2.50 a doz. Duck eggs are more but we rarely get those. My inlaws have beef cattle, so we all go in on one when they have one ready which helps out some plus you know what you are getting. There are some issues with that, but still a decent deal!
Prices just keep going up but we arent getting paid anymore and I cant imagine how it is for some retired individuals with limited income!
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pit 4 brains

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Dec 16, 2009
Summerville, SC
If I didn't raise cattle, we wouldn't be eating any steak, I can tell you that.
God bless the open range ranchers that still cowboy in places like Arizona. I lived there for 48 years and it was always a pleasure to see cattle staring at you like you were a new fence. Opening and closing the gate (why you always wanted to sit in the middle) and tending to a fence if you came across one trampled by elk..
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Aug 13, 2015
Indianapolis, Indiana
It's just the two of us and not being big people we really don't eat a lot, so the food $ don't really affect us that much. I make my own bacon and eggs are $2.99 to $3.79 here.
I watch for sales on meat, but that's about it, and I haven't bought any in a couple weeks. The freezers are full! It's the other stuff that hurts. Paper towels, for God's sake!
It's gotten so I don't even look at prices anymore. If we need it I just buy it.
I keep wondering how lower income folks with two or three kids can even get by....
It's everything. We just contracted to get a walk in shower for the Mrs. and it was twice what I thought it would be.
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Jun 13, 2017
Northeast Ohio
I wrote up my first experience making bacon at home somewhere on this board previously. I'll be doing it again!

But I was mildly amused/perplexed when I picked up the pork belly at Costco. It cost slightly more per pound than Costco bacon.
Exactly. From a quality perspective I agree hime made us better. From a cost perspective it rarely offers advantage in my area. I shop carefully , research multiple places and when I find a deal buy in bulk in any items that can be froze or stored in pantry long term. Two freezers are mandatory and hell I could use a third. There are some great places around me that routinely have great meat deals as well. One frequently has 10 lbs boxes of premium irregular cut bacon for $20-25 a box and daily store grind 80/20 chuck / shank for $3.99 / lbs 5 lbs min. Last week they had butts for $1.19 / lbs in town packs and t bones $3.99. Today they have fresh chicken quarters $0.59 / lbs in 10 lbs bags. I’m shopping even more diligently as I prepare to retire in June but refuse to downgrade my table fare!
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Oct 23, 2022
N.W. Georgia
Sooo doin my weekly shopping and I seen this.. So between bacon and eggs I' am spending $14.. Add some milk and bread and were talking about $24 LOL. I remember when all 4 were like $1.99 each and it wasn't very long ago. Lucky if I can get my weekly grocery bill down below 175 bucks for 2 old people.

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Think about this, Prices have to be high in order for our goverment to keep the American people paying for our President's war in Ukraine with Russia... Where else is the money coming from other than China.


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Jun 23, 2011
Everett, WA
I'll grab some store bacon when it comes on sale, which is rarely. Their thin-sliced, water-injected stuff stretches better than mine when I want to do a bacon wrap. Otherwise, forget it.
I stumbled across some Value-Mart butter at Safeway the other day for $2.24 lb, on closeout. All the others were twice that price.
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Aug 9, 2020
I stumbled across some Value-Mart butter at Safeway the other day for $2.24 lb, on closeout. All the others were twice that price.
Butter had been on perpetual sale here until around Christmas (2.49) then it went to 2.79. Now it's 4$ ish for the store brand.

F#$k paper towels and paper plates. Walmart brand paper plates were almost 15$ for a 150 count the last time I bought.

I'ma have to hijack a dollar general truck pretty soon.......
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Sep 7, 2013
Roseville, CA, a suburb of Sacramento
I have been working my way down through the chest freezer. Pulled some Kirklamd bacon last night for BLTs. The bacon was bought a while ago. When the last of it is gone it'll be time to make buckboard bacon again. I've got several butts in the bottom of the freezer just waiting to be transformed.

I pulled a tri tip a few minutes ago that's been in the freezer since July 2021. Price was $3.98/lb, which is about half of what the cheapest beef is costing these days. It will be ground up and made into chili tomorrow or the next day because I'm getting real tired of eating chicken.


Sep 14, 2020
There is a GFS (Gordon Food Service) store in town and I picked up a 15lb case for $42.99, which breaks down to $2.87lb... I foodsaver it in 1.5lb packs. Wish it was thicker sliced, but it beats a sharp stick in the eye. I'll go back to making BBB once I finish getting my smoker finished...
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