Flank Steak

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I'd be afraid to see the total on stuff I've bought since joining on here!!!

You flank steak looks great....And if the little one came back for 2nds and 3rds you know it was a winner!

LOL you aren't kidding!! It would be shocking if I did for sure. babydocsmoke babydocsmoke that steak looks fantastic and your helpers seem to be enjoying it!
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The cook on that looked near perfect from my computer screen view.

I'm late to the party but we like to marinate them in a chermoula sauce and then you put a fresh sauce (save some of the marinade) over the slices. Just tasty!
That is the way we eat them here as well, it's amazing.
I smack'um a few times with a meat hammer before I marinade them, not enough to thin'um out, just enough to break out some of the connective tissues.

The other way we eat them is to marinade them in this stuff overnight, buy a small bottle if you ever see it, it's killer, I buy it by the gallon, and it lasts us almost the whole year.

Pro tip, marinade up a few tri tip, ball tip or picanha, then grill them over white hot oak wood coals. Carefully because it does burn, so keep it moving until med rare.....it's to die for. Great on bacon wrapped prawns or honeydew melon, anything fowl, and pineapple spears.
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