Finally A Break In The Weather

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Mar 7, 2018
Ontario Canada
Living up here in Northern Ontario we are pretty used to getting a big dump of snow near the end of March but man did we ever get hammered for the last 3 days. Kids have had a snow day from school Monday, Tuesday and now today also. Stores yesterday did not even bother opening as no one was going anywhere unless it was by dog sled.
I used my snow blow more in the last 3 days then all year. Today hopefully will be the last time I will need it.
Man I'm burnt out. Sucks getting old and out of shape.
And here I was whining about 3 days of morning lows of 30* F! I honestly don't know how you Northerners can live like that...I'm not tough enough, nor patient enough, to withstand the awful winters you guys have to endure. I can't live somewhere where I need to own a snowblower!

Here in Oklahoma, if we get a couple inches of snow, the whole world shuts down LOL!

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