First use of curing chamber ???

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Jan 14, 2021
San Diego
I picked up a mini-fridge. No freezer, it has a cold plate on the back wall, with drain system. Removed the glass shelves, built a wooden rack. Inkbird w/ temp & hum. 15# of salami and a wet salt bed. It runs 53-57f, 75% unless the compressor runs, than it dips to 64 and comes back up to 75%. I guesstimate avg 72%.

My previous batches were done in a frost free fridge. My rack fit into a brown grocery bag to slow the dehydration. A dedicated chamber is better.

So this batch: Hung up, left door open, fridge unplugged. Ambient was 75f, 50-70%. 48 hours, salami darkened. Activate chamber. 60 hours later the salami feels sticky/slimey/gooey. OK? I guess I never over-observed the batches in the fridge.
A coating of what? indaswamp indaswamp would be a good source for info...JJ
It WAS a bit gooey, another day or two and now it's just greasy. I planted the mold on the outside by rubbing my old salami against the new. See the salt tray? It is adequate for the job, see readings above . Drying chamber, 5 days .jpg ^ is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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