First try at smoked jerky on the new pellet smoker.

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Aug 13, 2022
N. GA Mtns
I had the day off of work today so I decided to try out some smoked jerky on my Camp Chef XXL.

Went to the store last night and bought 5lb of eye of round. They were nice enough to slice it up into 1/4“ slices for me. Got home and trimmed all of the slices up. It trimmed out to about 4lb after removing extra fat.

Got to work on the marinate next. Marinate was as follows:
- 1 ½ Cups Soy Sauce
- 1 ½ Cups Worcestershire Sauce
-1 Cup Teriyaki Sauce
- 2 TBSP Honey
- 4 TBSP Ground Black Pepper
-2 tsp Garlic Salt
-2 tsp Onion Powder
-1 tsp Cayenne Pepper
-2 tsp Curing Salt

Marinated in the fridge overnight; about 14 hours total.

Set the smoker to 225° and smoked for about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

I was indulging in a few adult beverages and tinkering with some stuff in the garage and forgot to get pics on the smoker. Oops.

Here is the finished product...


Didn't turn out too bad for the first try. I'm still dealing with the learning curve on this pellet smoker so I'll make a few tweaks next time. It tastes pretty good though. The wife and kids are happy with it and that's what matters most.
Looks awesome!!! I haven't made in a while, so time to get back to that :)
Good job! I like to smoke at a lower temp, for a longer time to get more smokiness on the meat. Sounds like that Camp Chef XXL vertical has enough racks to do 5 lb.
I have to use a bit different setup on my GMG Daniel Boone, using Camp Chef jerky racks.
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