first timer pulled pork

Discussion in 'Pork' started by loniblaze, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. loniblaze

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    first time doing the pork shoulder(boneless, couldn't find one with a bone!)I have the weber performer platinum. used weber wireless temperature gauge timer thingy and the kingsford competition charcoal, using the 2 zone setup. I cooked it until 203 temp. Hopefully that's good. Got it resting. I put it on at 5:30 this morning (pst).

    I started a couple of days ago. I rubbed salt on it and let it sit in the fridge uncovered for a day, then added a rub. I screwed up the rub royally. I forgot to coat it with oil. then I remembered and made another rookie mistake by adding the oil and adding more rub. It was a googey mess. I tried to save it by sprinkling more rub on it. Hopefully, it'll be forgiving. The next time I will oil it and shake it in a sturdy bag. The pics below show the uglyness.

    I tied it up and loaded her on the grill. I kept having to add charcoal, I did it three times. every 2 hours or so. Seemed fast to me. I kept the temp btw 210-270. put it on at 5:30am took it off at 1:15. So almost eight hours. I think about a six or seven pounder. Did not open the lid unless I had too. Only to change the coals, my water pan held up nicely.

    It was all done. I let it sit in foil for 2hrs. Don't know if that was a good idea or not.

    Ripped it up at 3:30PM. This pic kinda sucks. Will try and take a better one. It was delish! I will foil it next time it seems kinda dry or to say it better, I could make it more moist and juicy.

  2. oldschoolbbq

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    Haleluya  ,  Loniblaze [​IMG]  Very good job and I noticed you did it un-foiled [​IMG]  Good crust and nice pulled shot. Some Smoke Ring in there , now wasn't that simple [​IMG]

    Only complaint I have is due to my "Anal" view on BBQing . . . I use all wood , and I always remember to . . .
  3. loniblaze

    loniblaze Newbie

    Thank you! yes, taking advice from and making it three times without foil, then trying it with foil. I take back what I said about the meat being dry. It wasn't! It was juicy, made a great sandwich with bbq sauce.I used the webber apple wood, about 6 big blocks. maybe too many.
  4. b-one

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    Looks like a job well done to me!
  5. noboundaries

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    Overall looks great!  Nice job.

    I see a drip pan below your meat.  If you haven't thrown out the drippings, put them in the refrigerator overnight.  Tomorrow, scrap off the fat then add the gelatin back to the meat.  That gelatin is pure flavor and high in protein, about 6 grams per tablespoon.  It will make the pulled meat VERY juicy.
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  6. loniblaze

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    Wow. Thank you. I'll try that. :biggrin:
  7. knifebld

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    Congrats on your first! :)

    Looks very nice!
  8. mdboatbum

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    Looks good from here! As for your choice of foiling vs no foil, it's really a coin toss. If you like the results you got, then stick with that. If you do the next one with foil and find you like that better, then stick with that. Don't let others sway you one way or the other. I never really cared for the long low unfoiled route. I find the burnt crust un appealing and the meat dry. So I always foiled. Then I tried hot and fast without foil and discovered I like that best. My point is, it might take you a whole bunch of smokes until you dial in your favorite process, and that's all part of the fun.
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  9. Looks very good. Nice bark.

    Happy smoken.

  10. loniblaze

    loniblaze Newbie

    Thank you. What is the hot and fast method?

    Thank you!

  11. flyboys

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    Looks like a great job! There's a bunch of ways to cook it, and everyone has their favorite. Best part, you will have a ton of great food until you settle in on your favorite method. The last few times I've done pulled pork, I cooked it between 275 and 300, and finished in the oven when it was foil time. Best of luck!
  12. wade

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    Hi Loniblaze

    Even if you think it could have been more moist it still looked very good. Well done [​IMG]

    The guys above have touched on the foil question and it usually down to personal preference. I am with Mdboatbum and always foil mine after about 3 hours for long cooks as it does result in a moister end product. In my opinion the resting is also very important as it gives the juices in the meat time to stabilise and it will not go dry so quickly once it is cut or pulled. Wrap it in several layers of foil to retain the heat and it will continue to cook as the heat from the hotter outer layers of the meat continue to radiate inwards. You will find that resting a large slab of meat will result in the core temperature continuing to rise by a further 4-5 C Degrees (7-9 F Deg). 

    As you say you do appear to be having to top up the briquettes more often than I would expect with a 22.5" Weber. With the bottom vent cracked and the top vent 3/4 closed I would expect the amounts of briquettes below to give me 230-240 F for about 6 hours

    Looking forward to seeing lots more from you soon.
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  13. loniblaze

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  14. wade

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    I use these Weber baskets too when I am hot roasting, however with both of the vents wide open my Weber tends to stabilise at around 200-220 C (390- 430 F). How did you manage to keep the temperature down at 210-270 F? Was it by using very few briquettes in the baskets?
  15. loniblaze

    loniblaze Newbie

    No, I filled them up. I have no idea? The water pan???
  16. timberjet

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    You should check your temperature with another thermometer or check the one you have with boiling water. You should have the bottom vent nearly all the way closed to get 225-250F. The beauty of pork butt is that they normally turn out ok no matter how bad you screw up. Hahaha..... That said it looks great. I use the charcoal baskets and can get 8 hours or more before having to reload. I really love my performer, it never ceases to amaze me how efficient and easy to control it is.
  17. wade

    wade Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    [​IMG]  Totally agree with Timberjet. You probably need to check your thermometer.
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  18. jbills5

    jbills5 Meat Mopper

    Also, don't worry about coating with oil or mustard for "glue" for the rub.  I have tried all and going without works just as well as using any of that stuff and it does nothing for flavor or tenderness.  The only time I would recommend oil is maybe cooking chicken and chicken wings when smoking at a higher temp to get bite through skin.
  19. What he said X2!!!   No need for mustard.
  20. dirtsailor2003

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    I agree with the no mustard or oil needed to get rub to stick. I disagree that you need oil to get bite through skin on chicken or chicken wings. All you need is a good hot fire and dry chicken skin!

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