First Meatloaf

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desert smokin

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Jun 1, 2007
Phoenix, Az
Well, I smoked my first meatloaf today as well as a fatty and some mild Italian sausage. Major thumbs up on the sausages but the jury is still out on my meatloaf. May have failed to get it all mixed properly and I did put in a bit more garlic than I should have. I'll have to cleanse my palate and try another taste test. Below are pics of before and after. Am including a picture of my supervisor Ozzy. Yesterday he turned the big OH Four.




He's always impatient waiting for treats. He thinks we should celebrate his birthday for a least a week.
looks good from here desert. don't get discouraged though meatloves have a 1001 possibilities so consider this one a tester. i always like to do more than one so i can try different stuff on/in them. besides the mutts don't know it's a mistake he just thinks you smoked him a special treat.. mine's out by the fridge now whimpering for some more venison.

The first meatloaf I did was not good ......... AT FIRST! I put it back on the smoker and got the temps up a little more on that ground meat concotion ( beef & pork ), and then it tasted like a champ'. I wanted it to be moist, so I pulled it early (cant remember what temp now) but I threw it back on when all else failed and it was a big hit. I even liked it!

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