First Brisket goes on the Traeger tonight

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Smoking Audi

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May 19, 2021
Going after our first brisket tonight.

Trimmed and seasoned last night, got a good portion of the hard fat out of it and trimmed the fat cap best we could. Really did not need a lot of shaping as we had seen in a bunch of the how to trim videos. We thought our knives were fairly sharp but trimming the brisket told us that we need to sharpen on get a sharper knife. Our set is from Pampered Chef.

Aiming for around 7pm tonight and let it smoke until we get up in the morning and go from there to see when to wrap. Probably go fat side up so the fat melts into the brisket. The advise seems to be 50/50 on fat up or down with valid reasons for both. I have apple in the hopper right now from our last pork tenderloins, so I will empty that out and load with maybe a combo of oak and hickory. I have read and watched videos that Cherry would be a good add but I do not have any at the moment so we shall just see how it goes.

Probably go around 200 F for the overnight and increase in the morning depending on the IT. Wrap it in butcher paper and finish it off tomorrow.

Pics of the brisket in the fridge are attached. Sorry still in the cling wrap so not the best of pictures.

Guessing is 14 to 15 lbs still. Yeah we went big for our first. Yay????

We seasoned with ST Elmo’s



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That's how I do it. Put in overnight at 200*, then wake up about 7-8am and turn up to 250*. I'll have one going in tonight or tomorrow. Except mines a monster at 20lbs (pre-trim), and mostly the point.
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Fat side down always worked best for me on my pellet. Fat side up on my WSM. I just always figured that I should use the fat side to shield against wherever the heat is coming from.

Get yourself a good boning knife. Mercer and Victorinox make a great product that is inexpensive. And it’s always easiest to trim the brisket when it’s super cold.

Good luck!
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Trimming wise, it was straight from the fridge so we thought it would be cold enough. Knife wise we will have to look into sharpening or getting a better knife.

We were not sure fat side up or down and the “experts” on the videos were mixed on up or down as well. We decided fat up with the idea that the fat would drip into the meat as it rendered and cooked.

And finally nope, not gonna stay up with it. Will turn in between 12 and 1 and then get a good sleep and be up 7 ish
8 AM and 167F.

I have to say that with a pellet smoker, cooking a brisket has been no where near as difficult as I had feared it would be. The pit runs +/- 20F and just keeps going. I am sure if I was on charcoal or running an offset it would be much harder to keep temp and I probably would have needed to stay up and monitor more closely

Been wrapped and back on the grill for a bit over an hour now. Increased the temp to 275. Probe is reading 183F.

Trying to decide at what temp to pull and toss in the cooler. Looked at the Traeger app and recipes range from 195 to 204F when done and pulled.

Go by feel....probe the flat... the point will be tender. Probe a lot everywhere, but pay special attention to where the point and the flat meet as this should be the thickest part of the flat.

This is also another reason to put the fat cap up when cooking in a smoker where the heat rises vertically as the flat runs under the point on the opposite side of the fat cap.

You can use the temp probe or a small diameter skewer...or a long tooth pick.
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Probe tender so it’s pulled now and in the cooler. Overall it was 200-205

Daughter just came home and offered her smells.

Her : that smells really good, why couldn’t you take up smoking before I went vegetarian. I might not be an effing vegetarian if you did.
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