3am Brisket

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mr mac

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Oct 19, 2009
Doniphan MO
I got up at 3am with my oldest, Jeromy, to both get a brisket in the MB gasser for tonight, and to spend a couple of minutes before he left for work. This was also so I could help him hone his brisket cookery. Yes, I probably should have been up earlier, but The Better 9/10ths and I have both been sick with a nasty cold.

Anyways, because of the narrow size of the smoker and the size of the brisket itself, I chose to separate the point from the flat, something I got used to doing when I owned one of these smokers 12 years ago (back when they only had one door). Trimmed fat is in the freezer for tallow making day.

This is a smaller brisket from the Cleburne HEB.

I did the two rub method of seasoning. First, I rubbed the pieces with Worcestershire sauce and then hit it with the Montreal steak seasoning since it's pretty coarse. I followed that with a generic BBQ rub that was finer and sugar forward for the bark.

Smoker was at 225, so in they went, fat side up, with the point up top so some of the fat would help baste the flat.

Hickory chunk in place, and, we're off.
There are worst reasons to be up that early...Looks like you got a good start on the day...Time for breakfast and coffee!

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Ah, 165, now waiting through the stall. To me that is the hardest part. Ha Looks great. Keep us posted of what time we should be over for a bite. Ha Ha
After a couple of hours in the cooler, dinner time came. It came with hungry vultures, the likes I've not seen in some time!

While just a touch dryer than I'm used to, this small brisket flat was still quite tender and tasty.

The point was spot on and went rapidly.


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