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Discussion in 'Beef' started by flyfish, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. flyfish

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    All thinking about trying my hand at a chuck roast for pulled chuckles (thanks bear carver for the idea) with some ribs this weekend if weather holds out. What would be the IT that I would target before foiling and what would be the IT for being finished. Is it 140 for foil and 205 for finish? Thought was to pull the meat instead of slice it.

    Not sure on size (thinking 2-3 lbs) but with cooking temps around 225 do you have an approx time this should take (so I can plan how early to start).

  2. bearcarver

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    I usually foil at about 165°, and pull at about 205°.

    This one took 7 hours, 15 minutes @ 240° smoker temp:

    Pulled Beef Chucky               

  3. flyfish

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    Bear thanks for the reply and for the link. That is what inspired me to do this. Wife doesn't like rare meat so thought pulling would be good alternative. Thanks again!

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