Experimental Atomic Turkey

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Original poster
Aug 21, 2005
Norman, OK
Hey all, it's a been a year since I have posted here. Glad to be back.

I am planning a big turkey smoke on the 1st to celebrate the start of College Football (and my wife's b-day but that is purely a secondary consideration only).

I recently got my hands on 5lbs of cayenne pepper mash (15% salt). My question is that do you think it would be a bad idea to use some of the mash with the standard solution for brining? It seems like a like a good thought, but I am alittle afraid of screwing up a perfectly good turkey if too much penetrates the bird during the brine.

If anyone has done something similar or might have some tips to prevent the birth of a radioactive turkey please let me know.

Shank, I think it sounds like a good idea to add some cayenne, but I tend to like things spicy. It gives me an excuse to drink more beer.

Have you got time between now and then to do a test run and try it?

Oh, welcome back to the forum. We're glad you're here!

Boomer Sooner!!!
Thanks Loko, glad to be here again.
Good idea to do a test run. I believe a small yard bird would be a good test subject. In case anyone want's to know where to get pepper mash I'll provide a link. I bought a big bag of it down at the tabasco plant on Avery Isle several years ago. Unfortunately, they don't sell it anymore over the internet so I had to track down an alternate source.


Boomer Sooner!
I have been banned by my wife when it comes to deep frying turkeys - let us just say a small fire may have been involved in that decision!!
My turkey fryer is now relegated to steaming blue crab and little necks only.
Yeah I know - it was a small-er fire!

Clinton, MO? I was just there on Thursday (albeit breifly). I have been doing an engineering study over at Whiteman AFB since June.

I had a giant turkey leg special at Bill Sharp's about a month ago - it didn't have any smoke flavor to it at all. But everything else I have ordered there has been pretty good.
I haven't ate at Sharp's in a looong time. It used to be pretty good. They had/have a hot BBQ sauce that had hot to spare. Good stuff!!!
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