2 Different Poultry Questions

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Jul 30, 2022
With this unseasonably warm weather I am having have decided the next 2 weekends I wanna fire up my pellet smoker. Tomorrow just going to smoke some leg quarters when watching some football. Then next weekend plan on doing my first smoked turkey to see if I can pull one off for Thanksgiving. Now for questions. For the leg quarters what can I do to get that smokey flavor but a crispy skin. Will putting anything other then rub on the skin help with the skin or is it just low and slow then bump up the temp to get a crispy skin. And honestly it's kind of the same thing with the turkey. I've seen some people wet brine to make the meat juicy, others do a dry brine, others inject butter into there turkey then spray it with butter. I have even watched one video where they dry brine it for 2 days then put butter outside the skin and under the skin. Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. Weird getting that smoking itch again in November.
Bite through skin on poultry always requires high heat finish, or does it?

Lots of methods out there that are mostly all competition bbq in general, but from a backyard cooking perspective consider this,,,,, you can smoke poultry then deep fry it for finish to crisp skin, this works very well. We also often par boil chicken then onto the smoker to finish with seasoning and or sauce. This makes very nice bite through skin. There are ways to make great food that might not pass competition muster.
After fussing with the dilemma I changed my approach. Use the grill with rotisserie and a smoker tube. This is an indirect heat approach. Depending on placement you might need to tent the tube with alum foil. Bird bastes itself, you get great skin and smoke flavor.
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