Eppo's UDS Build

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Jan 17, 2011
Lindenhurst, NY
I finally got my hands on a drum. I'm going to use this thread to publish my build. I'll post as things progress.
So far here is the drum:

Can't wait to start cooking in it!
Sounds like Plan! I may do one next year. I've got a new cooker being built and it's going to be able to do most anything I wanna do. However, if those UDS things are easy to cook with and do not require a bunch of baby-sitting the make the fire does not "go-out", then I'm down!
So my buddy dropped the drum off yesterday. So I'm psyched to start this. I already picked up all the hardware i need.

I got a pallet from my where i work, so I'm set for the burn in... Probably tonight, depends on how long it takes to get the lid off.

what i was planning to do was cut along the outside edge of the lid with an angle grinder to get the lid off.

is that how the lid is held on, by looking down and under a lip on the drum?

I plan to use the drum lid for now.

I'm also looking for opinions on where to place the Two cooking grates. how many inches of clearance should i have from the lid? and how many should i have from the top of the coals?

Will i need a diffuser? from what I've seen, most people don't use them.

Overall I'm very excited to get to smoking on my UDS, and want to make sure I do it right.
Got my vent holes in the bottom.

Saturday is burn in.

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Angle grinder with a stainless steal cut off blade.
Did the trick.

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Wow you really made some great progress - you will be smoking in no time 
I'm sure i could get more than 24 hours of use from one load of charcoal. I'm sure someone else can chime in to how long it will last.

I had it seasoning for about 4 hours, and I barely used any fuel at all.

I got the drum for free, but if you didnt have anything that you needed, it would probably cost you $100ish + whatever the drum cost you. 
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