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Original poster
Jan 15, 2011
I had some smoaked deviled eggs about 5 to 7 years ago and they were amazing! has anyone tryed it? If so what tempature and how long?
I will cook and peel the eggs and then warm up the smoker (Cookshack Smokette) with smoke starting and then put them in for about 20 minutes or so with the temp turned down or off. I will usually do them after I have done something else that way the smoker is still hot and won't take long to get a good rolling smoke.

Then cool and make as usual, I think one amazing smokers or something similar would work great for eggs.
I wonder if you put a raw egg in the smoker @ the usual 225, would it get any smoke penetration while it cooks? The next time I smoke something I'm gonna try this. Maybe take a few eggs & take them off at different intervals until you figure the right amount of cook time. How about putting a probe in then duct tape it so the hole would seal. Yea one more use for duct tape!  
I put raw eggs in the smoker with mesquite at 225⁰ for about 2 hours.

There seem to be about a +/- 15 minute window between under and over cooked.

Don’t tell anyone the real secret is to soak the eggs in 1 part vinegar 2 parts water for 5 minutes before going into the smoker. That etches the shell and really lets the smoke in.

Be aware the whites will take on a caramel coloring.

Well worth the effort for deviled, pickled, or egg salad  
Thanks guys, I'm gonna try that. I'm surprised they take so long to cook, since they only take a few minutes in boiling water. Is there a way to tell when there done?

I have done eggs several times and they are good. Now I take them right out of the refrig and into the smoker for about 2 hours and they do get the smokey flavor. The egg itself getsalittle brownish in color and they make some Killer deviled eggs too. Just don't use to much mustard it will hide the smokey flavor of the egg. 
Water conducts heat much better than air so eggs cook many times faster in water than they do in the smoker. 2 to 21/2 hrs has been about right for me.  I'll have to try the vinegar water soak and see how that works.  Without it the eggs get a very mild smokey favour.  They do make great deviled eggs. 
Love smoked eggs! I usually take some tinfoil and make a little "boat" to put them in (just incase one cracks), and put them in for 2 hrs. Then cool them with some cold water and peal them. They can be used in all kinds of stuff: devil eggs, egg salad sandwich, potato salad, tuna sandwich, cob salad.... or any otherplace you would use a hardboiled egg. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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