Doin the Fatties

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Feb 25, 2007
Columbia, S.C.
Just put on four naked Fatties @ 8:40 a.m.. Used all Sage this time, and only put two chunks of hickory. Hoping to get just enough smoke, but not overpowering. This time I'll smoke'm for three hours, and pull them @ 165 degrees as others have suggested to me. Going camping up to the mountains this week-end, and will take two with me, and give the others to family.
You might want to do a few more if you want any left for your trip
I think taking them on a camping trip would be awesome. How well do fattys keep? Do you just refridgerate them or freeze? How about reheating? Thanks for your help.

We have a camper so there will be no problem. When I camp on the river We just store anything we have in an ice Chest. Learned a real neat trick form a friend of mine. He takes a stack of newspaper, and places it over the top of his ice in the cooler, and this helps insulate the cooler keeping the ice from melting quicker.

Well gang here they are. I pulled them at 162 instead of 165 like bbq Bubba suggested. Now the only thing I want to be sure of since I'm a newbie is the internal temp OK since everyone says 170 is the internal safe temp for pork? Oh yeah please ignore the shadow on the left two. You know who is responsible for that.

Man...I have got to wrap these puppies up. My stomach is growling to no end smelling them in the house.

There were a few posts yesterday about pulling the membrane off ribs and something else (I forget) I think they were also posted a few months back.
Maybe I got the name wrong, but it's all good. Was about Smoking ribs, butts, and good food. I'll go back, and check the name.

When you pull them at 160*, there will still be a slight carry over of heat, especially if you wrap them in foil. This will take you to a temp>160*. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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