Did i mess up my sausage???

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Nov 7, 2016
Houston, Tx
Morning everyone...

I made some Meat Church Holy VooDoo sausage over the weekend. Here is the video:

I say over the weekend, but i should really say on Sunday. I was supposed to start on Saturday, but fell sick, so stayed in bed all day Saturday.

I got up Sunday feeling much better. Cut up my pork shoulder, get by brisket trim, weighed out my meat, and used cure in my sausage. Since i didn't have much time, I went from stuffing to cold smoking almost immediately. I cold smoked for about 5 hours, and by then, it was 11pm. I had to stop, pull the meat out and put in the fridge, and pull in the smoker into the garage. Took a shower, and crashed.

Normally, i would stuff, then leave sausage in the fridge overnight, THEN cold smoke, vacuum seal, and finish off by Sous Vide up to 152 degrees. The sausage was still wet when i put it in the smoker, and i tried to wipe it down with paper towels, and I also had to clean the house, mop, do the dishes, put up my equipment, and make it look like i didn't do shit while my wife was out out of town, so when she gets back today, everything looks normal.

I'm concerned that I might have kept this in the danger zone too long, or that i didn't let the cure sit long enough. I should have added cure accelerator, but in my haste, I forgot. This was about 10Lbs.

Am i ok, or do throw it all away?
I think you are fine but out of curiosity, what temp was the “cold smoke”?
basically about 90 degrees. I have a Vault Safe. I put a pellet tube in the bottom fire chamber, hooked up my BBQ Guru to pump oxygen into it, so it'll keep the pellets going. Otherwise, it'll snuff out. And just let it ride until i went to bed.
What size grind plate did you use?
Ran the meat thru it 3 times.
1st grind, meat was partially frozen.
Added spices and cure. Hand mixed for 10 minutes.
20 minute rest in the freezer, ran thru again. Added 4 fresh jalapenos.
Hand mix again.
20 minute rest in freezer, then final grind, then stuffed.
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3X thru a 10mm plate would be about the size grind of a 6mm plate....You should be good. It would take the cure roughly 6 hours to penetrate to the center of 6mm grind. But remember that the bacteria is on the surface of the particles of meat, not in the center. As long as you mixed it really well (and running meat with cure and seasoning through the grinder will do this extremely well). I see no issues.
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