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  1. Hello ladies and gents, I did some country style ribs the other nite and had trouble reaching interior temp of 190. Here is my setup I used

    22' weber kettle
    Indirect heat
    Water filled drip pan
    275 degrees
    Top vent 1/4 open
    Bottom bent 1/4 open
    After they been on for 2 hrs I checked interior temp and was at 160
    They looked done, so I took one off and let it rest then cut it and it wasn't as moist as I would like but still good. What interior temp do you guys perfer on this meat and also cooking temp? Should I lower the pit to 250???
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    Cook them longer. They just hadn't gotten up to temp yet. They were safe to eat at 160 internal temp but if you want them to fall apart you're going to have to cook them longer and let the collagen and connective tissue break down.
  3. It's crazy cause a couple spots weren't moist as I wanted them to be
  4. c farmer

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    As the fat in them break down it helps keep the meat moist. Be careful thou, there are different csr's. Loin and butt.
  5. What is a csr???
  6. chef jimmyj

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    Country Style Rib...I have had them good at a variety of temps. Cuts that are mostly from the Butt side can go longer. Lots of Pink Loin meat and I will pull them 140-150...JJ
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