Corned Beef Brisket/Pastrami

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Do you plan on using all the heavy seasonings? I watched a food network show on doing it, lots of coriander and cracked black pepper if I remember right then smoked.

I just can't bring myself to do this cause I like corned beef sandwiches better than I do Pastrami sandwiches. Must be the Irish in me.
no, the packets that come with corned beef are actually pickeling spices, yes there is peppercorns in it, but alot of other stuff as well.....
nope its mustard seed,black pepper,corriander - i believe it is mostly pickling spice

heres my pickling spice recipe and it looks almost the same except no bay leaves and a couple of other spices

1/4 cup broken cassia bark, 2 tablespoons yellow mustard seeds, 2 tablespoons black mustard seeds, 2 tablespoons coriander seeds, 2 tablespoons allspice berries, 2 tablespoons black peppercorns, 1 tablespoon dill seeds, 1 tablespoon fennel seeds, 2 teaspoons whole cloves, 2 teaspoons celery seeds, 2 teaspoons crushed mace blades, 8 crushed bay leaves, 1 (1-inch) section dried ginger, and 1 small dried hot red pepper.
fine you beat me to the response

i just had to type more
Teacup -

I think Smoked and I are the forums major Pastrami smokers ans we each do it just a little different.

Let me know how the store brined brisket works. I do my own I haven't tried it that way.

Actually it just occured to me that I haven't just made corned beef I always turn them into pastrami - DUH!
thankyou ... which brings me to another question ... and I have to tell you, I never even thought of this before ... doh!

What is the difference between pastrami & corned beef?

I suspect seasoning/spice ... yes?
After the brining process which takes 5 to 7 days (at this stage it's corned beef) the meat is rubbed in black pepper, coriander, and optionally juniper berries wrapped for a few days and then it's smoked.

That's about it
i take mine to 165*

pastrami is smoked.... corned beef is not


this is my second attempt at a store bought one, the last one had a wonderful flavor but was too small and fatty

i just soaked it in cold water the night b4 i am going to use it and change the water a couple of times during the night

as for corned beef by itself, i love it but the missus doesnt care for it, when i make it into pastrami she likes it
That was one of the first thing I had tried when I got this new smoker I just covered it in black pepper and smoked her up, it was a bit on the salty side, I think I will cure my own next time.
Ahh yeah - one thing about brine that I always forget to mension because it's kind of automatic is wash the brine off and rinse in cold water many times.
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