Top round venison corned and sous vide cook

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BC Buck

Meat Mopper
Original poster
Dec 16, 2018
Corned venison using Daveomack injection cure recipe about 3 days. Iv always smoked using pastrami seasoning to internal temp of 135F. Look and taste excellent but need to be shaved thin because old bucks. Decided to try long soak using sous vide to see if could make fork tender. Was planning to run temp 180 like corned beef but all recipes called for 135 temp. Did not think would break down because venison was so lean. Set temp to 135 and cooked 24 hours. Was pleasantly surprised that meat was tender enough to cut with a fork. Don't know if could be more tender with higher temp and might try next time but for 265 lb buck was excellent.
Looks good Buck . I think the temp you used is right for that cut .
Nice work . Love that injection .
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Dang it! Got a deer roast in the freezer and your gonna make me pull it out to try and duplicate that! Thats look excellent.

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I'd keep the temp at 135 but increase the time if you want to shoot for more tender. I do corned beef 140 for 48 hrs and it's amazing. I'd think that at 135 it would be very similar. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.