Chuck Roast

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Pretty much what Jim said. I cook mine at 270 / 275 but that’s because that is where my smoker likes to settle in at. If I’m in a hurry I’ll wrap after IT gets to 165 or so. I generally only season with kosher salt and coarse ground pepper and more pepper than salt or I’ll use The Salt Lick original dry rub.
When I’m cooking chuckies I usually do a couple extra. We like to keep some in the freezer for Sammy’s, tacos, enchiladas etc.
When I do chuck roast it's all about the pulled beef. For pulled you cook to around 200-205F / prove tender. Some are more stubborn than others. I run the smoker at 250-275F. I do wrap around the stall at 165ish. Wrap in a pan with 1/2-1 cup beef stock. If your setup allows I love to smoke a pan of beef stock below the chuck roast. Defat next day and you have magical smokey au jus. Leftover I freeze and use in future cooks or in soups and stews. I do rest the chuck for a half hour or so before pulling too.
I want to do a chuckie but it is not cheap here. At least I can get rib roasts (rib-eye) for $4.99 - $5.99 twice a year (Xmas and Easter). Not paying $7.99 for a chuckie.
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Not paying $7.99 for a chuckie.
Not cheap here either . I miss my chucks .

Any solid suggestions
Take a look at this . It helped me with chucks .

I shoot for sliced when I do them .
Here are a couple of my chuck cooks. First up just smoked as I said in my post above. At the stall it went into a tightly foil covered pan with beef stock and onions
Next up is one spiced and injected to do smokes Chili Colorado.
At the stall it went into a pan with the Chile sauce. So many things you can do with chuck.
I do my chuck roasts similar to a brisket cook. Rub with my favorite beef rub (Black Ops, from Oakridge BBQ). I run my smoker at around 275* until the internal temp of the roast is somewhere in the 190* range, then probe it every half or so until desired tenderness. For me, that's just tender enough to hold together when sliced, but not quite tender enough for pulling. Sometimes, to speed along the tenderness, I'll foil wrap the last couple hours with some beef broth or jus.

Here's one I did a while back that turned out just about right:



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