Smoked Pulled Beef Chucky (Step by Step)

Discussion in 'Beef' started by bearcarver, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. bearcarver

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    Smoked Pulled Beef Chucky

    This is a New Step by Step for my collection:

    Mrs Bear had a small (3.02 LB) Chuck Roast in the Kitchen Freezer, and she said she was going to thaw it out & make it in the Crockpot for Saturday’s Supper.
    I dropped back from my Zone Coverage & made a Beautiful Interception for my MES 40. “Crockpot My Butt, I’m Smoking that thing!!!”

    So after 2 days of thawing the following actions occurred:

    Day #1 (Prepping)
    3:00 PM————Rinse, Pat Dry, coat with Worcestershire “Thick”. Then some CBP, Sea Salt, Garlic Powder, and Onion Powder.
    3:10 PM————Put Roast on a Wire Cooling Rack in a Foil Pan, cover with plastic wrap, and put in Fridge overnight.

    Day #2 (Smoking)
    8:15 AM————Preheat MES 40 to 240°, Fill 2 rows of AMNPS with Hickory Pellets, and light one end.
    9:00AM————Put Panned Chucky on second rack, and my Well Lit AMNPS on the bars to left of Chip Burner.
    12:00—————Wipe my clean Maverick Meat probe with alcohol pad & insert in center of Roast. Internal Temp is now 148°
    12:30PM———-IT is 151°
    1:00PM————IT is 153°
    1:30PM————IT is 154°
    2:00PM————IT is 155°
    2:30PM————IT is 160°—-AMNPS burned out, so I added my Foiling Juice (See "Note" Below) & Foiled it 5° early, instead of my usual 165°.
    3:00PM————IT is 165°
    3:30PM————IT is 180°
    4:00PM————IT is 194°
    4:15PM————IT is 200°—-Cut heat back to 100° and open door to drop heat in Smoker down below 150° to stop cooking. Close Door.
    5:00PM————IT is 208°—-Remove Chucky from smoker, take to kitchen, Uncover & take pics, Pull Chucky apart.

    More Pics, make Sammies, More Pics, and Eat. MMMMmmmmmm…………..

    Also: Drain Juice from Pan, and put in Fridge to separate over night. Next day cut around the hard fat on top & pop it off to expose Awesome Au Jus.
    Then after the first day, all reheated pulled beef gets heated up with some of that Au Jus added as needed.

    Note: My Foiling Juice for this was simple:
    2 ounces of Worcestershire Sauce (Regular)
    4 ounces of Apple Juice.
    Stir & Nuke to at least 150° before pouring it over Roast & Covering with Double Foil.

    Enjoy & Thanks for looking,


    PS: Anyone following this Step by Step, please leave a comment at the end of this thread, and let me know how it worked for you. Thank You.

    Doing this one in a Foil Pan, but on a wire rack to allow Smoke to surround it,
    and to keep it from laying in the juices:

    Chucky Spiced up & Ready for an overnight rest in the fridge:

    This is how I balance the heat from left to right in my MES 40.
    A Maverick probe on each side, and my adjustable heat deflector below.

    Chucky through the Window:

    As you can see, I use electrical tape to keep the temp probes from moving inside the smoker:

    Hard to see, but there is real nice TBS coming from the top vent:

    Chucky fresh out of the smoker:

    Pulled Chucky ready for some Sammies:

    First Sammy with a little of Mrs Bear’s Simple Sauce on the roll:

    Close-up of the meat for my First Sammy:

    A slice of Cheese & some Hot Peppers finish this one off nicely:

    Side view of the Foiling Juice from the Chucky, after removing from the fridge the next day:

    The Fat in the dish & the Au Jus in the bowl, after cutting around & popping the fat off in one piece:

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  2. daricksta

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    Why do you always make it look so easy, Bear? Because you're Bear! I read about guys here who are afraid of the brisket. I'm in fear of the Chuckie. Remember, the one time I tried smoking one it stayed on 160° IT so long that it was the first day of Spring when I started and by the time it reached 190° IT I had just opened my presents on Christmas morning. Or something like that. I never got the IT up to 200° IT and so parts of the roast were tender but on other parts the fat hadn't rendered down and the meat was still a little tough. There's more to the story but I've told it quite a few times already.

    Oh, what's that mesh cover thingy over the top vent?
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  3. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member


    If you look closely you'll see that mine only went from 148° to 160°, from 12:00 to 2:30.

    That's 12° in 2 1/2 hours.

    Then I foiled it, and it went from 160° to 200°, from 2:30 to 4:15.

    That's 40° in 1 3/4 hours.

    That Mesh thing is an upside down SS Sink Strainer---Keeps Bugs from going in my top vent.

    Here's the Link:

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  4. tropics

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    Bear that looks great,I never tried a Chucky but if prices ever come back down on Beef I will.Thanks for sharing.


  5. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Thank You Richie!!

    And Thank You for the Points!!

    This is the first Chucky I've done in over 3 years, for that same reason!!---Too expensive.

    I only did this one because Mrs Bear found it on sale for $3.59, and I Intercepted it on the way to the Crockpot.

    I just couldn't let it die a Tasteless Death in the Crockpot !!!

    I used to pay $1.99 a pound for these things!!!

  6. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Something went seriously wrong when I smoked a Chuckie. But on that day I had problems with the smoker that I hoped are now resolved. Oh, what the heck--I'll pick up another chuck roast at the supermarket soon and try it again. I love a really good boneless chuck roast and with that extra layer of smoky flavor, yeah, I gotta try it again.

    I forgot about your post about your bug barrier. We don't get stink bugs 'round these parts. In fact, I've had zero bug problems outside of some mosquitoes flying around.
  7. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I also gotta decide on which way to spell "Chucky". Looks like I just did.
  8. tumbleweed1

    tumbleweed1 Smoking Fanatic

    Very nice indeed!

    I made my Mississippi Pot Roast this morning in yes, the crock pot, but other than winter time, THAT won't be happening again.

    I'd like to try it next time in the smoker- in a pan.

    I'll also be trying your method right here in your step-by-step, it looks incredible!

    Thanks for trying to make it easy for us newbies. [​IMG]  

  9. Wow !!! I know I sound like a broken record, But  ---- "Another home run for the Bear" and another great Step by Step,    Great job Buddy  Looks mighty tasty.

    Points to you   [​IMG]

  10. waterinholebrew

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    Nice interception Bear ! Glad there was no pass interference ! :biggrin: Looks like ya got the ball (chucky) & got a pick six to me my friend, very tasty lookin smoke !
  11. dukeburger

    dukeburger Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Beauty sammy!!

    Will have to try this one [​IMG]

  12. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Thank You TW !!

    And Thanks for the Point !!

    Darn--I wish I'd have gotten this posted a day or two earlier.

    Oh well---Next time!!

  13. c farmer

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    Great job Bear.

    That sammie looks awesome.
  14. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Thank You Gary!!

    Thanks Justin!!

    And I did this without letting any air out of that Chucky!!


    And Thanks for the Points Guys!!
  15. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Thanks Duke!!

    And Thanks for the Point !!

  16. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Thank You Adam!!

    And Thanks for the Point.

  17. floridasteve

    floridasteve Smoking Fanatic

    Question: why did you cook the roast in the pan? I've done a few chuckies, but always placed them on the rack with a pan on the next rack down to catch the juices. Just wondering -- trying to learn ;-)
  18. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I've done them a bunch of ways:

    On a rack in the open until 165°---Then Wrap in foil with juice.

    On a Rack with a pan on the next rack to catch drips until 165°---Then add juice & cover.

    Then one time I tested using a pan with a Prime Rib, and I found that if you put it on a wire cooling rack in the pan:

    #1   You still allow smoke to get all around the meat. 

    #2   The meat does't lay in the juices.

    #3   You only have to clean one rack, and that's just smoke, because the meat didn't lay on it.

    #4   The pan does't get holes in it & leak, like I've had happen with just wrapping with foil.

    #5   It's already in the pan when it comes time to add juice & cover it at 165°.

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  19. floridasteve

    floridasteve Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks, Bear. I'll try it that way. As long as it gets a good smoke penetration color, it does sound like the way to go. And I've notices several in Pitmasters putting their meat in pans.
  20. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Didn't mention reason #1.

    With less washing needed, it keeps my Dishwasher Happy----Got her over 46 years ago!!


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