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    Done with the polish and now I'm done with another batch of chili dogs.  Deer camp will be happy.  Lot's to eat and lot's to give away to the boy's up north.  I just can't wait to get up there.  First thing I do when I get out of my truck is open a cold one.  A good dark beer, maybe in a pumkin flavor for starters.  Then get the camper squared away for the night.  Oh, back to the sausage.  Did pretty much the same as I did with the polish as far as the cold smoking and the rest.  The cold smoke was again around 5 hours and used cherry pellets in the tube smoker.  Pulled them at a internal of 155 deg, gave them a cold bath, let them dry and cool further and vac packed them the next day after another night in the fridge.  Here are some pics:  Reinhard

    All mixed up and ready for a night in the fridge.

    Some of the links ready for the cold smoke.

    You can see the darker color of the meat mix due to the seasonings.

    Links cooling off for a few minutes.

    Links all cooled off  and I put them in my meat lugger in layers for a stay in the fridge for another night.

    Cooked a couple up for some taste samples.
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  2. crankybuzzard

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    Those look amazing!  Have you posted the recipe for this one before?  Sounds like something I'd love!
  3. driedstick

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    PUMPKIN BEER!!!!,,,,,,,,, PUMPKIN BEER!!!! WTH???? NO IT CAN'T BE!!! You might as well have pumpkin flavored snausages LOL <chuckles> 

    Them snausages sure  look good,,,,, I'd eat them but with my one light beers  LOL 

    Great job and points for the beer [​IMG]well maybe the sausages 

    A full smoker is a happy deer camp

    BTW good luck!!, taking my boy to my brothers elk camp this weekend

  4. reinhard

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    Ya that pumking flavored dark beer is seasonal and very good.  They got a Root Beer one now, i think it's called Not Your Granpas Root Beer or something like that.  Had some at my daughters and It was awesome.  Tastes just like the best root beer I have ever had.  Spendy though.  Forgot the recipe.  I think I have posted it before but here it is anyway.  I started my own blog a little over a year ago and put a lot of recipe's on the Homemade Sausage page.  Mostly mine but from some others as well.  No advertising and I don't sell anything, just my own personal blog.  It's got a chili dog recipe on there which is the same.  I've changed my way of grinding however.  Used to grind through the course plate first then mix everything and then grind it again through the medium plate.  Now I just grind the meat once and mix everything and that's it.  I like the texture much better.  Here is the recipe I used for this batch:  Reinhard

    25 pounds of pork butt  [most of the time I add beef also but didn't have any this time around]

    one pack of Curley's chili dog seasoning , enough for 25 pounds

    5 tsp of cure 1 [one ounce]  comes with the seasoning

    5 1/2 cups of water or beer

    5 cups of dry powdered milk

    3 T diced garlic [stuff in the jar]

    4 T mustard seeds

    Ground the meat one time through the medium plate.  Sprinkled the powdered milk and mustard seeds over the meat mix.  Put the seasoning, cure, and garlic in the water and mixed it well.  Poured it over the meat mix and mixed everything up well.  Let the sausage mix set overnight in the fridge.  Next day stuffed the sausage.  Cold smoked it for around 5 hours. Then put the temp up to 200 degrees and pulled the sausage at an internal temp of 155 deg.  Gave the links a cold bath, let them cool on the counter on a rack, and then put them back in the fridge for another overnight stay.  Vac packed them the next day.
  5. reinheart, thats some great looking chili dogs, i bet deer camp is the place, to be this weekend...[​IMG]

  6. boykjo

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    Great looking chili dogs Rein. You gave that stuffer a good work out with 25 lbs......... Ive been in the mood for some home made hot dogs...... you just assured me of it

    Nice Dogs................[​IMG]

  7. smokin218r

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    Another nice round of sausage Reinhard!!

    Great Job.[​IMG]

    I'm looking forward to hunting season as well.
  8. Nice work! Need to make a batch for the boys in deer camp as well. Only 6 weeks to go!
  9. dirtsailor2003

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    Now the sausages those are great, this is as close to pumpkin beer as I'll get,

  10. reinhard

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    Thanks everyone!!!!  D,S,  Here is a look at some of the variety of brews we take up north.  This is from last year..  The brand is the one next to the Killian's.  Blue Moon  Harvest Pumpkin Ale.  You should try it and step up in the beer world LOL.  Just a hint of pumpkin and a great smooth seasonal beer.  Dark beer rules during deer camp, plus a few bumps here and there.  Reinhard

  11. tropics

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    Wow another great sausage,I could eat a few of them.Hold the pumpkin beer.Thanks for sharing


  12. foamheart

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    Excellent wieners........ truly professional job.

    Let me make sure I understood. You quit double grinding and went with a single course grind? More like a Brat?

    BTW you enjoying retirement? Sitting on the water all day fishing at the camp? Or did they decide they had to have you back and you are getting rich working again?
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  13. reinhard

    reinhard Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I only grind through a medium plate now. [3/8th inch] once.  No I aint getting rich but I am semi-retired.  They did ask me to come back to work about a year ago.  I can only work 8 days a month due to having a pension, so it's not bad. It's a waiver type deal where I do not get any benifits but they do pay me full scale.  Kind of like it though.  I thought for sure that I would never work again in this buisness or any other so it's true when this old saying say's "never say never".  Reinhard
  14. worktogthr

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    Those look incredible! Really juicy and delicious looking. With all you sauage pros on this site I will never again even think about buying a recipe book. I love all kinds of beers and tis the season for pumpkin beers. If you can find it, try Fisherman's Pumpkin Stout. If you like darker pumpkin beers that one is great. And I hear you about that "not your grandpas root beer" It really does taste just like incredible root beer. I am always afraid at parties that the kids will get into it and not realize it's for the adults haha
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  15. b-one

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    They look just as tasty as the last time!:drool
  16. c farmer

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    They looks awsome. Points for you.
  17. bdskelly

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    A standing ovation Rein. Best looking links that I've seen.  I suppose you put BEANS in your chile up there.  Oh well.... 


  18. reinhard

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    Thanks!!  Ya, we use beans up here for the most part, but I have had it without beans and that is great also.    Reinhard
  19. crazymoon

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    RH, Great looking dogs , the boys in camp will be gassed ![​IMG]
  20. boykjo

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    Oh.. you'll be having beans with those

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