chef jimmyj question on 2 cuts of pork like discussed before.

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Jun 4, 2015
they seem same just more ribs n belly on first paste. if you have the spine how can you not have the center??
What do you mean by, Center?...JJ
There are 5 or 6 options for bone-in pork loins but the $1.47 is the full loin from rib end to sirloin, and judging from the photo of the $2.22 loin some of the sirloin may be off, or the sirloin and the chine bones. You might be thinking of an 8-rib center cut loin roast as it is truly from the center, but I've never seen one of those at Sam's.

You could Google search NAMP 411, NAMP 412, NAMP 412A, NAMP 412C, NAMP 412D, or NAMP 412G and see the subtle differences. For fun, ask the meat cutter at Sam's because the NAMP cut number should be on the cases.
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"center" well one says
Bone-In Pork Center Loins ,,,,and the other says ,,,
Whole Bone-in Pork Loins
Center cut includes the ribeye and strip loin. Whole bone in includes part of the sirloin as well. Just as Thirdeye said.
"center" well one says
Bone-In Pork Center Loins ,,,,and the other says ,,,
Whole Bone-in Pork Loins

Opps. Didn't catch that. That first pic is deceiving. Ive not seen a store bought loin that wide. Almost looks like Both Loins on an intact Spine. I would have to see the other side but, It should portion like any other Whole Loin having the Shoulder end with a small piece of Blade Bone, the Center with the bulk of the ribs and the Sirloin End. The Great Video you posted yesterday explained portioning it well.
Like the guys above pointed out the Center Cut has a portion of both the more boney ends removed. Yields nicer Chops...JJ
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What did the First Whole loin look like? I'm picturing this, just with the Ribs cut down more...JJ😂

download (1).jpeg

Have purchased two pack several times from Piggley Wiggley. Comes in two pack. Like pic JJ posted but split down the spine - head to tail. Depending on skills and equipment the spine can be a challenge to remove. Overall yield can be loins, chops, ribs, fat and trim meat for grinding.
Last time had the butcher "break" out the spine. Made cutting much easier for me. Sometimes the loin fat is removed by the processor which is a bummer if you need it for sausage.
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i found the pics from last one.. theres two in the cy
rovac and the bottom shows good.
i think its longer and hey today prices at sams is down. this is $1.37 today .. i couldnt find the pics after i cut cyrovac open and cut it up.. but i will in future
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Ok, that puts their website pic in perspective. They sure are some beautiful Loins...JJ
wonder why they pack 2 left haves . cause ya it is not a left n right, maybe it packs better.
Likely multiple cutters throwing them on a conveyor headed for the Vac-Packer...JJ is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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