Cheese for two.... and... two for cheese......

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  1. OK, so did a test run on cheese about 3 weeks ago. I did a small round brie and some cheddar. Smoked it for 1 hr 45 mins and did the foodsaver and let it sit for 9 days, couldnt hold out that extra day........

    The cheddar was good, but I think I needed to have thinner chunks of cheese and smoked a bit longer, I have been reading more and see the avg time is approx 3 -4 hrs. The brie was opened and ate with a great syrah wine. it was awesome!!!!!!!

    So tomorrow, I am doing 3 small brie rounds, cheddar, swiss, mozzarella sticks, pepper jack sticks.........

    Come back for some Q-View.........  [​IMG]
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    [​IMG]OK I'll be here.
  3. Ok, here they are..... I did three hours with apple wood as the smoke.


    Unwrapping the string cheese with my guard dog at the ready......


    On the right is Cheddar and 2 swiss, and I am putting on the brie....... my mouth started to water at this point!!!!!!



    OK.... starting on the left- brie, string cheese, pepper jack sticks, 2 swiss, and cheddar.....


    Olive making sure just the right amount of smoke is flowing.....


    2 Hr mark.....


    IT'S TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Here we go!!!!!! My mom kept a brie a cheddar and some sticks....... now they are in the fridge for a rest till June 24th! 

    Thanks for the all the awesome info on this site!!!!!!!
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    great job looks tasty [​IMG]
  5. OK, so tomorrow will be day 7 and I couldnt handle it any longer......... I grabbed  mozzarella stick and opened it just to see how its going...... WOW!!!!!! i cant wait for the others. I ready to go get more and start the smoker!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  6. How did you keep the heat down and still get the smoke??????????

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    Can you say CHEESE !!!!!!!!!!. great job... Is that a braunfel smoker?   Love mine...........[​IMG]

  8. Skill..... pure Skill....... [​IMG][​IMG]

    For real... I made a small foil pan about 4"x6" and put my shred wood in there then added 3 charcoals, had to move them around every hour, but gives just the right amount of smoke with not so much heat. The first time I did have too much heat and I kept having to open the lid and cool it down, but doing it this way works very well. Thanks for the thumbs-up!!!
  9. tell ya the truth I have no idea what brand it is...... my brother-in-law was going to dump it and it was still in good shape, so I took it but the name plate is missing. Its the perfect rig to learn on........... [​IMG]
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    heres a pic of mine



    The steel should be a heavy Gage and it should be pretty heavy....
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  11. Thats the one, yours is in better shape, but still the one. I need to put the shelve on it, due to its but I really love it. I was talking with a buddy the other day while hanging out and smoking some pork butt, and think I will be getting a new one (i hope soon) because I am getting really used to it. I figure everyone should have at least 2 smokers..... 1 to learn and 1 that the y all ready know........

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    Nice cheese...

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