First attempt at smoking cheese

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Nov 17, 2023
East of PDX
First attempt at smoking cheese was Thursday night. Took 2.5 lb blocks of Tillamook Medium Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, and Pepper Jack quartered them and let them smoke for 3hrs (used a smoking tube) with apple pellets. Vacu-sealed and letting them do their thing for a week or so.

IMG_20231221_164132260.jpg Right after putting them on

IMG_20231221_202530069_HDR.jpg post smoke

IMG_20231221_202648976.jpg Pepper Jack

IMG_20231221_202839607.jpg Medium Cheddar

IMG_20231221_203033125.jpg Sharp Cheddar
Did my first try about a month back. Turned out great, but should have separated the brick I smoked for better pentation. The ends were great. I worried about over smoking them and hating the flavor. Next time I'm doing them like you did!!
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I'll try that next time, think a cooler would be sufficient in place of a fridge? Pretty sure the missus would get upset if I made the whole fridge smell like smoke.
That is why one has an extra mini fridge in the garage. To keep the missus happy. :emoji_thumbsup:

I typically cold smoke my cheese for 4 plus hours with apple and pecan, Fridge dry for 24 hours. Vacuum seal and back into fridge for 2-3 months before I start consuming. Still working on last year's smoke while I just recently smoked 36 small blocks ( 2 batches of 18 ea) of Mozzi cheese. I give a lot away.
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Yep Someguy, that's going to be good!
Sorry for not saying so sooner but, welcome to the forums.
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Next time you might consider placing the cheese on those wire racks you show in your POST pic before smoke and place those racks on your grill. Doing this will elevate the blocks up off the grill racks which looks like they are very flat, blocking lots of the bottom of the cheese blocks from getting smoke.
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Looks good! I put mine in a paper bag in the fridge for a couple days before vac sealing. This gives the cheese a slight "rind "to hold the flavor.
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