Catfish New Orleans...

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Looks like a perfect meal Keith. I like my fries dry or for dipping because of the "crunch" factor, But I believe Shrimp Creole could make a hobo's shoe edible!

I don't add the 2 cups of tomato sauce, prefer to use 2 cups diced tomatoes instead....
A couple nice looking meals, IS.

Also interesting to me in that when I first made shrimp creole many years ago, I used the same recipe from John Folse. It was good but somewhat disappointing in that I thought the tomato sauce overwhelmed the dish. After that, I eliminated the sauce altogether, and used more diced tomatoes, as you did. That's how I've been making it ever since.

Nice job.
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I don't add the 2 cups of tomato sauce, prefer to use 2 cups diced tomatoes instead....
Getting ready to make this. Is that 2 cups in addition to the 1 cup it all ready calls for Keith?
Wow this one slipped thru the cracks. Looks great.

Point for sure
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Many of you may know that one of the most popular and iconic seafood dishes in New Orleans is Shrimp Creole. It is a very popular Friday lunch meal and served all over the city from corner dives to high end restaurants. This is an innovative modern twist....Catfish New Orleans.

It's Friday in Louisiana in March-that means obligatory seafood for the large Catholic population. I had fried catfish and FF for lunch. The fish was a little too salty so I only ate half of it. Took the rest home and pulled out a qt. of Shrimp Creole from the freezer to thaw. Warmed that up for supper. Put the leftover fried fish in the air frier to warm/crisp up....
View attachment 659175
Covered that with some Shrimp Creole....
View attachment 659177

And that is Catfish New Orleans. But hey, I had left over FF as well....put those in the air frier too...
View attachment 659178

And covered again with more Shrimp Creole...
View attachment 659179

Top with homemade tabasco sauce...
View attachment 659180
and it's time to EAT! The texture of the warm crispy fried catfish with the creamy, buttery shrimp creole...and those fries!! Yep, it's a winner winner shrimp and fish dinner!
Been busy and haven't done much cooking lately but I decided I needed something other than one of my "out of the freezer" meals. Couldn't do it on the grill because of a big storm that rolled in so I just dutch ovened it. Shagdog/Cowgirl made this a while ago and had to give it a whirl. I apologize for the pics. Lent my camera to my brother for a vacation and wife took pics;)

Most of the veg...

Trinity cooking away in a golden roux. Roux took about 10 minutes then add veg.

added the chicken stock and simmered for 20minutes to reduce and thicken up.

The seafood etouffee is done. Time for the blackened catfish

Done and plated

This was very tasty. Just like shagdog said in his post, blackened catfish is great on its own but the etouffee was very tasty as well. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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