Canuck Newbie Eh?

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Nov 23, 2017
Ontario, Canada
Just wanted to say Hi to the group and introduce myself. Im Chris from Canada lol just got my first smoker, a currently stock Gen 1 30" MES and have been loving the forum. So many helpful threads with step by step instructions and recipes. It has made the jump into the smoking world much easier and I must say I am getting hooked!!

So far I have done bacon wrapped chicken breasts, baby back pork ribs, and venison jerky. All has turned out very good with the help of this forum. I also purchased some pork belly and got it into Pop's wet brine last night. I cannot wait to get that on the smoker!!!

One thing I have to get better at is taking pictures for the Qview!! I will have to get some pictures of the pork belly as I go through the process of making bacon.
Very cool,
Making bacon and all that.
Good to have ya aboard and hope you decide to stick around.. Everyone likes the Q-View yep.
Hope your smoker does ok in the colder weather.
Take care, enjoy and be safe!
Have a good holiday season!
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Thanks guys cant wait to keep trying new things and hopefully contribute some new ideas/recipes for the group. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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