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  1. S

    Bison ribs

    New to this game....just got a timberline traeger...I have a bison ranch and am looking for interesting recipes...located in central Alberta
  2. BalticViking

    New to You from Portland, Oregon

    Hi everyone! We are located in the heart of Portland ("Portlandia") Oregon. We've been university chaplains with a group called Chi Alpha (AoG) since 1989, based at Portland State University. So, we stumbled onto a "free" Traeger pro smoker on Craigslist, picking it up for a friend last...
  3. J

    Recommendations for my first Brisket

    Hello, I am wanting to make a brisket this weekend and it will be my first one. I am looking for recommendations on how to cook it on my Pit Boss pellet grill/smoker. I have a rub ready and will apply it and let it sit in the fridge overnight. The brisket I have is a cut around 3.75 lbs I got at...
  4. E

    Newbie building smoker for hubby, advice/input needed please.

    Hello all! This is my 1st post (It’s a little long)! We live in FL and love BBQ’g. My husband has been wanting a “smoker” and wants to build one...I’m the builder of the family and would love to surprise him. I wanted to include a rough sketch of what I was thinking based on how he likes to...
  5. J

    Looking to dabble in smoking meat

    I love eating smoked meat and it's time I stop solely relying on others to allow that to happen in my life. I want to get a smoker. I've TENTATIVELY narrowed my choices down to an 18.5 WSM and a Masterbuilt electric (although I'm seeing tons of different options of those and have no idea which...
  6. W

    Learning to Make Good Sandwich Sauce

    My name is Will. I am from Southwest TN about an hour east of Memphis. I came to the forum wanting to learn how to make that wonderfully delicious thin hot barbecue sauce one finds when dining at a road-side barbecue shack on a bbq pork sandwich. Someone put me on the right scent and I have...
  7. O

    Hello from Middle Tennessee

    First time smoker here. I live in Middle Tennessee. I’m starting with an electric smoker and no instructions. But, haha ! I’ve got YouTube. And red potatoes. Planning to use this winter to become really good at smoking all sorts of things. Including cheeses, poultry, red meats, and whatever...
  8. HarleySmoker417

    Question after seasoning burn

    OK, so my drum held pretty consistent with only a 10 degree swing, however after the first of the three hours I was not seeing any smoke (even TBS) and once I shut her down and looked inside most of my chunck was still there, I put four pieces on(2 apple 2pecan) and there was still the two pecan...
  9. Peter Plantec

    Deceptive Labeling on smoker pellets

    If you're a newbie, beware of the deceptive labeling on smoking pellets. Old timers know that the pellet companies will often label pellets as a flavor wood in large type "Apple" followed by 100% Hardwood. Right there you know you're getting a blend. They will try to persuade you that it's...
  10. HarleySmoker417

    Starting a Youtube channel to Chronicle my adventures.

    Good evening all, I have decided to create a YouTube channel to Chronicle my adventures in Smoking. You ALL get an honorable mention so stop by and take a look; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVFwMeMWpRw2OEq3xFDjBKw I am creating this for other Newbies round here and all over so we can learn...
  11. BoilerBBQ

    Just joined the WSM club

    I’m Adam from the Raleigh, NC area. I’ve been reading this forum for awhile, but figured I should join since I picked up a WSM today. I started smoking with an electric roaster style smoker. I got decent results, but nothing too impressive and that thing sucked to clean. A few months ago, I...
  12. MakinStacks

    MakinStacks Smoke - First build

    Hey everyone! New to the forum and this wonderful world of smoking. I’m planning on building my first ever smoker and can’t wait to get started. For now, here is what I have to work with. 3CCE73FD-7941-4C24-90BB-F5E17B714629 by MakinStacks posted Aug 17, 2018 at 2:14 PM Unfortunately not ALL...
  13. Omertron

    Brisket and Pork at the same time

    Hi, I am looking to cook both a brisket and pork shoulder at the same time. I am aiming to have them ready to server around 5pm and won't have a lot of time then to be dealing with them as I will be hosting and BBQing burgers and sausages as well. Each cut of meat is 2-2.5Kg (4-5lbs) and...
  14. W

    Need Advice for First Smoke

    Hi all, new member here. I've been enjoying reading the posts and I'm finally going to take the plunge and try smoking some fish this weekend. My wife bought me a Brinkmann Smoke-n-Grill bullet style smoker, and a coworker recently dropped off a 15 lb chinook salmon. I butchered the salmon and...
  15. Smoked_Ryno

    New to smoking but expert at eating!

    Hey everyone, I just got my first smoker as a housewarming gift. I have smoked chicken, ribs and sausage so far and it has been great! I have done a lot of reading on this forum and have found a lot of useful tips and tricks. Currently smoking a small 5lb. Brisket as we speak. Will post...
  16. Jonathan Carlson

    Laying brick in my OKJ?

    One of my coworkers mentioned he placed a layer of brick on the bottom of his smoker. He said it helped regulate/distribute the temperature. Can anyone elaborate more on that cause I don't truly understand how that works. What kind of brick should be used. I think I might try it out, or am I...
  17. Jonathan Carlson

    New Smoker and Member, NM Land of Enchantment

    Hello SMF members! I'm new, as you can tell from the title. I'm a 31 year old, 11 year airforce veteran and married with a growing family that needs a hobby. I found one that I love.. Smoking! Father's Day coming up, I've been going to lowes a bit lately and found an offset combo by OKJ and I...
  18. Suam461

    One year and smoking

    Hey all! Been lurking here since last summer when I caught the smoking bug. Thanks for all the tips! Bought a cheap charcoal Masterbuilt bullet for my husband to see if he would like it, but it turned out to be more of my thing than his. I had a lot of issues with it in the beginning, loss of...
  19. beef_chief

    Aspiring Pitmaster from Huntsville, AL

    My name is Andrew Phillips, I'm 20 years old and a senior at Auburn University studying industrial and systems engineering. I'm home for the summer now with an internship and taking on a few commissions with my woodworking business (Phillips-Head Woodworks... find me on Instagram/Etsy). I have...
  20. whiteysnapple

    Rookie Smoker

    So I used my smoker I received as a gift for the first time a couple weeks ago (Masterbuild - Propane) I don't really know what i'm doing outside of reading manuals and instructions. I soaked my woochips for about 6 hours before i started and they burned up in now time. Are you supposed to keep...
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