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  1. vikkip

    Curb pickup MES 30B

    My husband called to let me know there was a smoker on the curb for trash pickup a mile or so from home, so of course I went to find it. It's a MES30B, which I can see is a very basic analog electric model with no viewing window. It's crusty, a little rusty, and the price is right. I already...
  2. Markl

    Release the smoke

    Picked up a used MES cheap and added the Mailbox Mod. Got 10lbs of pork belly curing and can't wait to smoke it in this rig! Its first dry run today.
  3. scrumtiousruckingBBQ

    More NO in mailbox modded MES30 w/AMNPS

    Goodmorning everyone, I've dug around the site for a bit now and have found a lot of discussion around the topic but nothing directly answers my question: how do you effectively increase NO production in a mailbox modded electric smoker with AMNPS? I am being a stubborn idealist and refuse to...
  4. B

    My first chucky

    I made this beef chucky over the weekend. I started with it in a water bath at 131 for 46 hours (Thanks to Bear). Then I put it in an ice bath for about an hour. Then into the smoker to an IT of 130 to get some smoky flavor and bark. It was tender, juicy, and delicious. It wasn't as tender as I...
  5. B

    Surprise, MES 40" not heating and Masterbuilt is no help

    I am new to this forum so I am sure there are several threads here that can help me. My MES 40" is only a couple of years old and the unit is in good shape. However, it will not heat when the control panel lights are on. Masterbuilt, in their generic email suggested a new heating element. So, I...
  6. C

    Smoking : Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

    How do I get more SMOKE in my Masterbuilt Electric smoker ? There is NO vent pipe . Thank you
  7. T

    Hello from Saskatchewan, Canada!

    Hi all, I'm one of the latest new guys. Can't believe I didn't find this forum in the last 5 years since I started smoking! I have a MES & the controller started losing its mind a couple of weeks ago, JUST as I was about to slip a $100 brisket into it. I managed to limp through the process...
  8. bowserx69

    Masterbuilt MES 440s (Gen 4)

    Hi all! I'm new to smoking, I just got the Masterbuilt MES 440s (Model #: MB20077419) as my first one. I grabbed it on sale at Dick's and couldn't pass it up for $249 when I noticed it retailed for 3x that much. However I'm running into problems when I have questions about it. I'm looking to...
  9. B

    Smoker will not turn on 40 inch Masterbuilt electric smoker Model#20075415

    Hello, I have been having issues with my smoker for the passed year I believe my issue lies with the circuit board. I have changed out my digital control and replaced the element both parts from Masterbuilt. I am trying to buy the circuit board part#9907140048 but Masterbuilt and Appliance...
  10. Danabw

    MES 30 Gen1: Replace Control Panel and Heating Element

    I've got a Masterbuilt 30 Gen 1 w/RF, and had issues recently w/the control panel flaking out (turning off on its own, LEDs dying on the display). Also had temperature issues - the MES would not heat up to the temperarture I set on the control panel. I set 275, it goes to 255 or maybe 260...
  11. B

    Electric Smoker Popping GFCI

    I'm having a problem with a 40" electric Masterbuilt (20070211) where it pops my 15 amp GFCI when the heating element comes on, even though the plaque on the back says it rates at 10 amps. The GFCI runs all exterior plugs and garage, but it never trips except for the smoker. I changed the GFCI...
  12. C

    MES30 & AMNPS

    So I’m sure this has been covered before and so Ill apologize in advance cuz I just don’t have the time to search and search and I want to do a smoke tomorrow so I’m looking for real quick feedback. I got an AMNPS not realizing I didn’t have the bars in my MES30 until after I made the purchase...
  13. wesir

    MES 340G Temp Issues

    Used my MES 340G for the first time today to do some snack sticks and seemed to get a pretty noticeable temp swing from the right to left sides, right side above the heating element cooked much faster than the left side did, there any mods people recommend to even this out? I saw something about...
  14. T

    Drilling holes in MES 35B? (Bear?)

    First off, I'm a newbie, so bear with me. I have an new MES 35B (analog)... cheaper model. I just bought the 5x8 AMNPS and my plan is to remove the water tray and put the AMNPS in its place which is slightly higher and adjacent to the heating element. I'll put a disposable drip pan above it...
  15. R

    New MES 145S

    Smoker junkie here... Bought a new smoker at Sam’s knowing I’d eventually upgrade the controller with a PID. That being said I’m impressed with the controller accuracy so far. Flame boss I use for the BGE and MES are close enough for g00berment work! Happy smoking from Pennsylvania!
  16. smoketrailsteve

    Here's How I Get Crispy Turkey Skin in the MES

    After many failed attempts and lots of rubbery skin, I thought I'd document my method for getting crispy turkey skin in the MES. Anyone have other methods to getting crispy skin in the MES without using the oven? BBQ Turkey Rub Recipe: 2 Tbsp Paprika 2 Tbsp Chilli Powder 1 Tbsp Poultry...
  17. bigorange

    MES 30 quit heating. Easy fix.

    My ole MES 30 20070910 finally quit heating. Took off the little square plate on back of smoker to access element. It has a gasket. One flag was toast and had burned thru gasket. Simply replaced the flag and she’s back in business. This has been a very reliable smoker. Just keep the control unit...
  18. soz

    refill the wood chips how often? (MES 230g)

    So tomorrow i'll be trying to make some ribs and a sirloin tip roast. The first few times i ran the MES 230G i was a bit confused on how much smoke i should expect from such a small amount of chips in the chip loader. I don't think i had enough smoke the last time, but I am worried in...
  19. conchrepublican

    Brisket in my MES

    Hi guys! Longtime lurker here . . . I love my MES, it fits my lifestyle well and I have a lot of recipes down cold and get much praise for my ribs and fatty. That said, I can't seem to make brisket work - it's seems too dry. But, like a Kenny Rogers song, my wife believes in me . . . and...
  20. R

    Brining time question

    Hi I have a boneless fresh half of pork leg that invoked out and I’m brining it for Easter. I used pops brine and it said 3-4 weeks but after re reading it, it said for whole hams, I was curious as is this is too long and if it is how long should I bribe it? I also injected it rather thoroughly.