mes 30

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  1. scrumtiousruckingBBQ

    Smoke ring in an MES w mailbox, no curing salt!

    Alright everyone, I’ve done it. After months and months of tinkering, I’ve finally achieved a nice smoke ring on ribs in my MES with mailbox mod!!! And no, I didn’t use curing salts. I considering that cheating, don’t know why. First off, I used the wet-dry method, but honestly I didn’t know...
  2. Markl

    Bacon 2nd attempt with new rig better than first

    First attempt was using a smoke tube in my Pit Boss pellet smoker. Wasn't bad, but a little strong/harsh until I bagged it for a few days to mellow. This time I used my new cold smoke rig, picking up a used MES 30 digital and added the mailbox mod. Used the A-maze-n smoke tube with Hickory...
  3. scrumtiousruckingBBQ

    Getting better bark in mailbox modded MES30

    Any tips for getting better bark in an MES30 with mailbox mod and AMNPS? I've done 4 rib cooks and 1 pork butt, and i'm having trouble getting consistent bark without skipping a wrap stage. For instance, the ribs I made yesterday were on the smoke for 6 hours straight, no wrap. The bark was...
  4. scrumtiousruckingBBQ

    Hello! Or as we say down here in Florida, "Alligator hurricane tourist hockey"

    Hi all, Checking in from beautiful Seminole, FL. Moved down here with the military last year, and that's part of my serendipitous foray into smoking meat! I'm originally from Massachusetts, and growing up there meant that "BBQ" was burgers and dogs, steaks, and grilled seafood. The Army has had...
  5. saltysandman

    MES 30 parts? don't do this

    hey all! i tried out my new grill gun/flamethrower to sear some steaks last night. it works great. perhaps a little too great. i placed my rimmed baking sheet with sous vided steaks on top of my MES for the final sear. thinking it may be too hot for the electrical components, i lifted the...
  6. smokeaholic502

    MES 30 bad mold

    Not sure if this thing is worth keeping. What do yall think? It's been sitting for over a year.
  7. Murray

    MES 30 Temp. Overrun

    MES new at Christmas, 8 smokes, cold climate. I now have a reoccurring issue with the unit surpassing the temperature set point and keeps heating. Happened once when I first got the MES, cleared it’s self up and hasn’t happened until today. Applied the hairdryer to start it up, set temperature...
  8. agoude

    MES 30 Terrible Smoke Flavor

    So I moved on from my WSM and just bought a MES 30, 135S to be exact, based on my research here it may be a hybrid unit? Regardless, I've done 2 smokes both came out looking great and juicy but had a not so great smoke profile. I used apple wood, dry chips, the first time on Salmon and it came...
  9. olesmoky

    9lb Boston Butt

    So I have been checking out these forums for years (recently I have remembered to login) - anyway my son was born on 3/3/18 and the nurses impressed me so much I decided to smoke a 9 pound butt and deliver it to the hospital to say thank you.....they do noble work and don't get paid enough in my...
  10. L

    A-Maze-N smoker in MES30 at 4300 ft?

    Hi, have any of you tried the A-Maze-N pellet smoker or tube smoker at 4300 feet elevation or higher? I have a 30 in. Masterbuilt electric smoker, and I want to find a solution that will let me set it and forget for many hours (especially overnight). I've heard great things about the AMNPS...
  11. McCann519

    Baby Backs and Picnic Shoulder on MES 30 with Q View

    Divisional Round Weekend in the NFL meant smoking some pork for dinner on Sunday. I ended up going with 2 racks of baby backs and a small picnic pork shoulder. Picked things up Saturday morning, rinsed, trimmed then applied mustard and rubs. For the ribs, I used a Clubhouse Chipotle Mango 1:1...
  12. M

    MES 30 issues

    Hi all, just joined the forum today and look forward to all of the advice everyone has to offer. I am currently using an mes 30 with an amnps. While smoking a butt today, the smoker threw out an error and threw out an error and shut down. It appeared as though condensation had built up on top of...
  13. best0186

    Auber Instruments PID Controller

    For Sale: Auber Instruments WS-1500EPM PID Controller. 1600 Watt Used a half dozen times while smoking with my MES 30 Analog Smoker. Works great. I sold the smoker so I no longer need this. $110.00 Shipped to lower 48. Firm Message me with questions.
  14. McCann519

    Canuck Newbie Eh?

    Just wanted to say Hi to the group and introduce myself. Im Chris from Canada lol just got my first smoker, a currently stock Gen 1 30" MES and have been loving the forum. So many helpful threads with step by step instructions and recipes. It has made the jump into the smoking world much easier...