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Jun 11, 2013
I started a smoked meatloaf thread yesterday and posted some pics at the beginning. Then a few hours later I tried to add some more pics and it was a no go. Just tried again and it just won't work. Any ideas? Did someone decide Qview was inappropriate all of the sudden? What the hell is going on???

Thanks for any info
Just using the iphone like always. Nothing new or different I'm afraid.
Good looking dog Stan. I still cannot post pics on the iphone at all. I'm never on my laptop so it'll be a whole before I can update the meatloaf smoke with some Qview.
The dog is a pain in the ass.  But I love him. LOL    Well Scott if you can't show us at least tell us how the meatloaf was.  You never said on the other post.

The meat loaf took a little longer than planned because the smoker had a hard time keeping temp in the cold. But almost 3 hours in I hit 160 and they were great! At about 145 I slathered them in a ketchup/mustard mixture (it is a bacon cheeseburger meat loaf). It crusted up well, had a deep smoke ring, and tasted great! All in all they turned out well for my first time, and id do it again.
How long you smoking that cheese for Stan? I have a few blocks of cheddar, and Colby/jack I wouldn't mind smoking.
If you would do it again then it was a success. 
   Rock star if you want a taste of smoke on your cheese then at temps between 50-70* I would do a two hour smoke.  If you want cheese

that tastes like smoke then 4-6 hrs.  If I am smoking cheap cheddar then I smoke it hard.  If I am smoking a 30 year old Gouda then 1-2 hrs depending on the wood.  When I smoke the cheap

cheddar I will wait for 8-12 mo to eat so it will mellow out quite a bit but still the cheese tastes like smoke.  But good cheese like the Gouda or a 6 year cave aged cheddar I have I like a light wood

like alder or a sweet wood like apple cherry or now mulberry for a 2 hr smoke.  On the good cheese I want to taste the cheese and have the smoke as a side note. I still will wait at least a month

and preferably 6 Months. Blue cheese I do both ways as if its a good Roquefort the taste of the cheese can stand up to strong smoke and you still taste the cheese.

If you just don't know what you want then I would split the cheese up into as many smokes as you can maybe 4 and keep notes.  Being it is a cold smoke the only thing you need are the pellets

or dust you want to use so start a smoke of say 1/4 of your cheese smoke it for two hours and take 1/2 off and wrap then at 3 hrs take 1/2 off and wrap then at 4 hrs remove the rest.  3 smokes in

a 4 hr time then do it again 3 more times with a different wood and so on.  In 2 to 4 weeks have a party and try them all and see what you and yours like.  Just keep good records and mark each

package so you know.  If your looking then you are not cooking does not apply to cold smoking.  The smoke recovers instantly so look, check.  It does not matter the size of the cheese when

cold smoking so a block whole or cut in 4 takes the same time.  Just have fun watch for cheese sales and smoke everything you can.  You can always PM me if you want.

I appreciate it Stan. I might just get a hold of you soon and give this cheese smoking thing a try! Can't wait for another michigan smokers get together
Maybe we should have a SMF Michigan cheese smoke...   Kingfishcam and rweidner86 and I have been chatting about smoking cheese.  We could all get together and have a one day multiple smoker cheese smoke. I can have it here at my house. I have 4 smokers and several boxes that could be smokers. We can have a hot smoker and do something for dinner at the end. What you think?                                            Anyone else want to join?    Should we pick a date?   Should I go buy cheese?

I'm in Stan! How far are you away from me? I'm here in the walled lake area.
Hey Scott,  I live on the south side of Lansing just off M-99 a mile or so North of 96.  I like the idea of several smokers with a different wood type in each one.  We can all split up the cheeses we have and put them in different flavored smoke.  Be like doing 3 or 4 smokes at the same time.  I will send PMs to kfc and rweidner86 and see if they want to join us.  And anyone else who would like to join in will be welcome too.  We will have to pick a date so I will let you know what the others say.

Hey guys don't forget about me! ;-)

Actually, though I am highly interested, it will all depend on what day it happens. I have a very active 3 year old daughter and my darling wife is 6 months pregnant, so I can't run off to Lansing for a day of smoking without some careful planning first! Keep me in the loop on what the plans are and I'll do the very best I can to participate. Thanks.
I'm down for this event for sure Stan! Sure be nice to get the original group back together and to hopefully have it on a Saturday as I'm guessing most of us work. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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